In the past couple of months whilst taking a break from all things blogging, I've really got my whole beauty routine down to a fine art - I think it must be something to do with not reading other blogs and keeping up with the new releases, it's been cleansing for my SOUL and also kinda great for my skin.

If I'm putting makeup on my face, I'm probably using something, if not several items from Ere Perez. Over the past couple of years, I've grown to really love the brand. (Check out this post from 2016!) The clean minimal packaging is gorgeous and I love that everything (EXCEPT for two of the mascaras at the time of writing, boo) is vegan. 

It's not just the makeup though, having branched out into skincare too, the brand has really gone all out and carried on their minimalist, millennial approved aesthetic perfectly. I had to get the micellar water ASAP and obviously followed shortly after with the toner (not pictured in this post).

So what have I tried and loved, or maybe not so loved?

1) Quinoa Water Foundation in Haze

I hate starting on a negative, but trust me the only way is UP after this. Unfortunately, this foundation just didn't sit well on my skin and the colour was (this is the lightest shade) still a little too dark. I found it tricky to blend and it would gather in all the areas you don't want a foundation to gather. A real shame. 

2) Ginkgo Micellar Water

My favourite & a repurchase! This simple micellar has been fab for my skin. The bottle is 200ml so thankfully lasts a good while! Even when used nearly every day (I'd say about 3-4 months but that depends on your personal usage!). I went through a stage recently where I just couldn't be bothered to do any sort of cleansing routine to remove makeup in the evenings, but of course, you can't sleep with makeup on!! even if you're not going to moisturise, let your skin breathe! So micellar to the rescue - no stinging eyes, every scrap removed, no tight skin sensations and I'm ready for bed, good night x

3) Oat Milk Foundation

I love oat milk to drink, and it turns out I also love it in a foundation! What a multi-tasking little grain. 
I actually don't use this as a foundation, as I found the lightest shade 'latte' just a touch to ghostly pale for my whole face. Instead, I use this under my eyes and around the centre of my face where my skin is pretty red, plus dabbed over any spots before I apply my mineral foundation. It's sort of like my concealer and primer in one. It really brightens and evens everything out so that I don't have to use layers and layers of mineral foundation. 
It sounds like a farce but this is a routine that really works for me. On its own, it's too pale and maybe a touch too glowy, and my mineral foundation can be too dry, so together??? it's a match made in heaven.

4) Cacao Lip Colour in Wander

Described as a "creamy cool blackberry lip colour" this lip tint/balm is one of my favourite lip colours lately. I'm pretty nervous of lipstick, especially dark lipstick, but I love berry colours! This balmy tint is actually quite pigmented and can be built up to an impressive blackberry shade (much darker than the models pictured through the link). It doesn't last too long through eating or drinking, but as it's more of a balm with lots of hydrating ingredients I really don't mind.

Also, the packaging is just lovely, it feels high quality and weighty, plus, has a satisfying click!

Also pictured: Beetroot lip & cheek tint in the OLD PACKAGING. This now has a new formula and easier to use packaging so I can't really comment on this old one much - other than to say holy moly! So pigmented and bright! 

An old eyeshadow which I can't find online. Ere Perez seem to have scrapped these old duo eyeshadows for upgraded palettes that look dreamy! I've only heard good things.

NOT PICTURED BUT I REALLY LOVE: Carrot Colour Pot in 'Holy' This little colour pot is a top favourite contender! The only reason it's not pictured is because Oliver ran off with it & I couldn't find it for a few weeks. Toddlers, man! 

What do you think of Ere Perez??