Need some new deodorant in this heatwave??

Vegan deodorant is not that difficult to find and neither is deodorant that uses clean + natural ingredients. But when you combine the two you narrow your search pool even further as a lot of natural deo's are balms that use beeswax. I was worried there wouldn't be too many options on the market, but to my surprise there are loads! So many in fact that I struggled to narrow this guide down to just 6. I easily could have bought 10 more to try and include, but with 6 deodorants on the go this past couple of months things were getting out of hand!

The Roll-On's 

Neal's Yard Peppermint & Lime Roll-On Deodorant / £8
One of my most used simply because of the ease! It's a roll on! No melting a solid stick or sticking your fingers into a pot. The scent I chose isn't my favourite, the lime & mint combination smells a little like citronella. I would choose the rose & geranium if I could go back in time.
In terms of doing its job? It promises 24hr protection but I think it begins to falter before a full morning to evening's wear time is up. And obviously, it's not an antiperspirant so you will sweat (which is healthy and normal!), but it does contain some moisture absorbing ingredients, not that I've ever noted them working.. 6/10

Benecos Apricot & Elderflower Roll-On Deodorant / £5.95
The least expensive and my least favourite, unfortunately. The scent is delicious and so fruity and fresh, it's a real shame that the scent doesn't linger and the deodorant really doesn't work that well, especially in this summer heat. Reapplication is needed, but even then, you just sort of feel tacky and body odor lingers. Lovely. 2/10

The Unusual One & The Plastic Free One

Pacifica Deodorant Wipes / £7.99
I bought these oh so many moons ago to take with me to the hospital when I had Oliver. My thoughts were if I ended up stuck in bed for some time, these could freshen me up! And I actually did use them, just once, but still. I've used them a couple of times since then, they're just handy for sweaty moments that catch you off guard, but they're not essential, and you can't really keep them in your bag or anything because the pack is pretty large! 5/10

Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant - Vanilla Orchid / £9.95
Deodorant in a card tube! I love that it means there's no waste at all, the packaging does get grubby and greasy over time but it's deodorant, it's not a fancy bottle of perfume you keep on display. This is the most expensive but does work quite well to keep you dry for awhile thanks to the arrowroot and starch combo. My one dislike is that the stick isn't the easiest to use - it doesn't really melt into the skin, you have to rub it under your arms to deposit some of the cream and then rub it into the skin yourself as it's so thick (winter application would be a pain I imagine!). I do love the vanilla scent and it lingers for quite a while, but there's a whole host of other scents if you're interested. 7/10

The Charcoal Ones

Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm / £6.99
My new favourite! The balm is really creamy and easy to use, it melts between your fingers and under your arms really easily and I love the scent - it's fresh and a little lavender-y. Like every other, it doesn't really stop you sweating, but after walking to and from work, a day in the office and then cooking tea in a kitchen that gets the evening sun and quickly turns into a furnace in this mega heatwave, I was hot and bothered, sure, but not a hint of any stink could be detected. (Also worth noting that mine is a smaller size pot!). I don't like deo's in pots, but this is a good 'un! Does charcoal make it better, though? I really couldn't say... 8/10

Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Charcoal Deodorant  / $10
I really wanted to like this deodorant, and I tried really hard as I've used it for aaaaaages (this is a sample size that just won't quit) but the scent is meh and it doesn't last very long in terms of B.O. and sweat suppression. Luckily you can't get this in the UK as there are better out there. It's one redeeming quality? The solid stick melts quite easily into the skin so you don't have to wait around holding it under your arms. Oh and, it's baking soda free. 3/10

Got any recommendations for me once I finish all of these?