Hello! I'm back!

Thanks for sticking around and clicking to have a read today. What a craaazy couple of weeks/months it's been over here. New house, new job, new computer! It's all happening.
We ended up moving almost a month earlier than expected so it was a huge rush to get everything sorted, and then we've had all sorts of snagging problems with the house that we're still waiting to be fixed! I'm also working 3 days a week, which is a perfect re-introduction to working and still getting to spend most of my week with the baby! The baby who is now 7, almost 8 months old! Yes, time really is going by that fast. Whenever I think about how old he is I also realise that's how many months I've not had a solid nights sleep. I think my brain is mush at this point.

I have SO many blog post ideas in my drafts for you, so much beauty content, but also a few different things that have taken my interest. Ethical living, home decor, parenting, vegan food and more. I always want to blog about these topics but I tend to stick to what I know and publish beauty posts instead.
I now have about 3 hours a week totally to myself when I get home from work that are baby free and I still have some energy left, so here we are, I'm making a promise to myself, that on the days I don't nap, to blog!

I'm feeling inspired and motivated to get back to it now that I have a new, speedy computer to use again. I've deleted some old posts that don't belong (mostly embarrassing content from 2014-2011) and refreshed my layout to be beautiful, simple and clean (I do hope you like it) for HelloAnnabel 2.0. Removing the sidebar was scary for me, but now I LOVE it!

I'm also reviving my monthly newsletter because I do love a good newsletter these days. Especially because I find it difficult to keep up with all the blogs I follow, so this way it's like my favourite bloggers are sending content just to me to make sure I don't miss anything. To subscribe just scroll down a little! The next letter will hit inboxes at the end of July! It will be extra special!

Normal and the new normal content will resume.. tomorrow!

See you then, xo