You can never have too many face masks.

Feeling stressed? Face mask.
Want to indulge? Face mask.
Dry skin, spotty skin, dull skin? Face mask.

I've used countless, I've loved loads, and yet I know there will always be more to try. I suppose that's one small benefit of having problem skin, you know when you're using a really good mask because the results are extra visible. 

I've been using the two masks pictured in a rotation for a couple of months now, and finally, have the time to document my thoughts.

Kimberly Sayer Deep Cleaning French Green Clay Mask. 
I feel like Kimberly Sayer is a bit of a secretive cult brand. There's not a lot of talk about them online. They have a very clinical and professional sort of look and for quite some time this put me off trying the brand as, typical me, I'm drawn to pretty packaging. 

This clay mask sounds like it should be incredibly harsh and drying, but that couldn't be farther from the truth if you catch a glimpse of the ingredients list.
Safflower seed oil, aloe vera leaf juice, vegetable glycerin, lavender water, oat beta glucan... It reads more like a creamy moisturising mask. And it does feel creamy to apply, it doesn't make your skin feel tight of painful as it slowly dries, honestly, I forget I even have it on sometimes.

All of this sounds dreamy, and you wouldn't think it would pack such a punch after all of that, but it really lives up to the term deep cleansing as this always brings any gunk to the surface and clears up my skin. 

Isla Apothecary Refine + Radiate Beautifying Face Mask.
With just three luxurious ingredients, the Refine + Radiate mask has been created to "soothe, restore moisture, and nurture even the most sensitive skin types to greater resiliency." It does this with coconut milk powder, turmeric and sandalwood powder, and as you can see from the incredible orange shade, it looks pretty potent.
I was initially drawn to this mask because of the sandalwood powder, said to be wonderful for oily skin it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties to combat breakouts. It's not an ingredient I had come across before and I was keen to try it out!

Because of the coconut milk powder, I reach for this mask whenever my skin is irritated or dry. It really does soothe and leave my skin soft, bright and calm. And maybe a little yellow tinted. You can remove the staining with a cotton pad and some toner but I try to leave the residue on overnight and just apply some moisturiser, as I'm sure I read once that the benefits of the Tumeric can work their magic better if you leave it.

This is my favourite mask of the two for sure, I love the benefits, I love mixing my own mask up with some water and I love the way my skin looks the day after!

£22.00 for 120g here.

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Until next time, xo