My love for Lavera Shampoo started with a hunt for a bargain. I don't like paying a lot for shampoo, I mean I totally will if I've tried everything else and nothing is working for me, or I'm sold on the swishy ingredients list and marketing lingo, but I'll always try something cheaper if I can.
We've gone through a lot of shampoo in this house, both myself and Michael have fussy scalps that get itchy and sore if we use anything harsh (usually if it's not natural) and we've tried a lot of shampoo labelled specifically for a sensitive scalp that works for one or two bottles and then the pain returns and we need to move on. Hair does actually get used to products, so switching it up is no bad thing at all. We've been using Lavera (the blue bottle) for just over a year, and it's just now that I'm starting to need something new.

The Lavera Basis Sensitiv Moisture & Care Shampoo, £6.95, is that perfect blend of cleansing with no build up or greasy residue, but leaves my hair so soft, shiny and conditioned that I rarely needed conditioner. Made with almond milk, aloe vera and avocado it sounds like a fancy green smoothie. It kept my scalp in perfect condition and my hair feeling healthy bottle after bottle (I think I've gone through 5 or 6!). What I also love about this shampoo and the other Lavera shampoos that I've been using, is that they foam up. I can't be dealing with a shampoo that has no bubbles, I never feel like my hair is clean!

The green Freshness and Balance Shampoo, £6.95, was a purchase for Michael who's hair gets oily quicker than mine, but I've been using this too if I've used a little too much dry shampoo or hair oil. It removes residue with ease and leaves hair feeling clean, a little squeaky perhaps but not super stripped or dry. I do always follow up with a little conditioner though.

Lastly, I purchased the Volume & Strength Shampoo, £6.95, most recently because postpartum hair loss is real, guys. I feel like I might be bald soon at this rate! ;) I can't say I've noticed a difference in hair loss slowing down yet, but I do like how it makes my hair feel. The formula contains Vitamin C and Green Tea to strengthen those all-important roots. Perhaps I need to use this exclusively to see a major difference because I still like to use the Moisture & Care most often.

I'm now on the lookout and ready to try a few new brands and products in the bathroom because I think my hair is used to these now. Michael is starting to complain about his hair too... maybe it's the warmer weather!
I did just see that they have a new 2-in-1 Deep Care & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner which sounds diiiiivine! Perhaps I'll pick up a bottle of that for testing purposes, of course ;)

Have you tried any Lavera haircare? See the full range here (Note that they are all vegan except for the pale pink Gloss & Bounce range)