Happy World Vegan Month!

Since becoming vegan I've found myself obsessed with food, even more so than I used to be, that is. I love cooking, I love trying new foods and I love experimenting in the kitchen. Being vegan has made me so much more adventurous and my tastes and palette have expanded so much.
Gone are the days where I would binge-watch beauty vloggers, these days I'm all about the vegan YouTubers who inspire me to try new foods, be a little healthier or make me crave cookies like nobodies business.
I thought I would list a selection of my favourites below for you to explore, and hopefully, you find some new YouTubers to watch! I feel like I have a really good mix of wholesome whole food healthy vegans and those who post ice cream taste tests and put plenty of butter in their cookie recipes.

Cam & Nina
I love this Australian duo, they're so calming to watch and make some of the most beautiful videos. I've made a bunch of their recipes and love watching their 'what we eat in a day' videos for healthier food inspiration.

A Chill Vegan
Emily posts really great 'What I eat in a week' vids and her sense of humour is everything. She's super chill about veganism and I dig it.

So You're Dating a Vegan
My favourites!! I freaking love Duncan and Liz and this is the only channel that Mikey and I have watched every single one of their videos TOGETHER! (at first, it was just because I had to show Michael how much he looked like Duncan, but then we got a bit hooked on their fun & unique videos). The pair actually got married this summer and I cried watching the video. I LOVE THEM.

Mary's Test Kitchen
Mary posts 'what i ate' and recipe videos. Her recipes are amazing and so easy to follow. She has everything from homemade vegan cheese and yorkshire puddings, to donuts and bbq 'pork' buns. (those are next on my list!)

Ellen Fisher
Ah, that perfect Hawaiian life. Ellen is a ray of sunshine and her videos are becoming more and more beautiful. She definitely inspires me to eat more whole foods, salads and greens whenever I watch her videos. I've watched every single video she has uploaded.

Liv B
One of my more recent subs, I like Liv's easy, comfort food recipes and simple ideas for tasty meals. There's plenty of easy recipes for mug cakes, waffles, snacks and all the pasta. Plus, have you ever seen someone with such gorgeous blue eyes? ugh.

Sarah Lemkus
Sarah is from New Zealand and is also about to have a baby any day now like meeeeeee! I think I found her channel from searching what vegan toddlers/kids eat videos, (gotta be prepared - also most interesting videos ever!) where she showed her 2yr old daughter Beth's meals. I fell in love with their happy little fam and have been subbed ever since.

Hot For Food
What vegan isn't subscribed to Hot For Food?? I think she must have been one of the first all-vegan food channels I found. I've made so many of her recipes, the cauliflower buffalo wings are my favourite and I make them once or twice a month at least! Chicken noodle soup, corn and courgette fritters, mac and peas... all staples! I can't wait for her cook book next year.

One of only two UK YouTubers I've listed - oops! I definitely need to find more. Taira has six children. Yes. Six! and they're all vegan and amazing. She mostly posts vlogs but I love seeing what they get up to and of course, what they eat - they make me feel totally chill about having a vegan baba with a totally 'normal' diet. Nuggets and chips do happen, and that's totally okay because they're vegan nuggets ;)

Sarah's Vegan Kitchen
I subscribed to Sarah 9 months ago when she posted a video of her taste testing two different vegan smoked salmon recipes. It blew my mind! Vegan salmon! (I made the carrot one btw and it was tasty but so much effort). I then binge watched every video she had ever uploaded and have watched every new one since, so much delicious food!

The Viet Vegan
Lisa's recent recipe for a lemongrass banh mi inspired me to make seitan for the first time! and it was a hit! So I obviously had to subscribe.

Cheap Lazy Vegan
Need inspiration for cooking on a budget, Rose is ya gal. Plus, she's Korean and posts a lot of noodle recipes, and I love anything with noodles, so that's great.

Mommytang doesn't seem to upload anymore, but I had to include her because she fueled my love for all things vegan korean food. I would never have found kimchi without her, I owe the lady a lot.

Gaz is our second UK YouTuber! His recipes are absolutely insane, just one quick look and you'll understand. Katsu curry, toffee apple brownie, nut roast... yum! It's no wonder he also has a cookbook coming out soon. His videos are TV standard and really professional, too!

And that's all I have for you, for now!
Do you have any recommendations for channels I can check out??