Last week I decided to snap a picture of every main meal I ate, all week long, as a vegan. I'm not particularly healthy at all but since becoming vegan I do pay way more attention to what I eat. I love to cook and I love creating and trying new recipes. This look at my week doesn't include snacks - maybe if you enjoy this I will do it again with what snacks and sweet treats I had also. We like to make big batches of some meals and have lots of leftovers, Michael isn't vegan and is usally very fussy, but he eats a lot of vegan meals with me - we usually eat different main meals a few times a week (it was twice this week) because he loves cheese and I love about 193857 veggies, tofu and different flavours that he wont touch.


I had a late breakfast consisting of cinnamon cereal with oatly milk and a toasted bagel thin with a whole small avocado and sriracha.
Because my breakfast was so late I forgot about lunch and didn't start to feel hungry until 3, so I had a nakd bar (not usually a fan but the new lemon drizzle flavour is lush) and a few spoonfuls of almond butter to keep me going. Not the best start to the week but oh well.
For tea I made a bolognese pasta bake using a packet of beanfeast, tinned tomatoes and extra veggies, topped with violife cheese and crushed crisps for some crunch instead of croutons, served with salad and a slice of garlic bread. Looks a mess, tasted great!


Pancake day! For brekkie I followed this recipe and made crepes stuffed with banana and almond butter, drizzled with maple syrup and chocolate chips. I ate the whole batch to myself #noregrets.
For lunch I had houmous with warm pitta, cucumber and red pepper strips.
It was a tough choice for tea time, more pancakes or leftover pasta?.... Pancakes obv! This time I made the same batter as before, but left out the vanilla, lemon and sugar and traded them for herbs, salt and pepper. For the filling I made a sort of creamy cheesy mushroom and spinach filling with what I had on hand. I added spring onion, garlic, nutritional yeast, dill, miso paste, lemon juice and some grated violife cheese which made a lovely sauce.


Breakfast was cereal and oat milk.
For lunch I had leftover pasta bake and some steamed kale (omg healthy!) which I decided to jazz up quickly in a pan with some garlic and lemon juice. All topped with nooch and hulled hemp seeds.
Our evening meal was a lazy 'shove it all in the oven' type of affair ;) Quorn vegan hot & spicy burgers topped with LOTS of avocado, violife, lettuce and cucumber and a few chips on the side. I had also picked up a bag of potato and roasted veg a few days before and put a little of that in to cook just to try it.


Breakfast was a different cereal!! and oat milk, plus a kiwi!
Today was one of those days where I wanted about 12 different things all at once, but there was leftover bolognese sauce from Monday that I didn't want to waste (as it is pretty delicious), so, I had this with added spinach and a whole head of a small gem lettuce used as lettuce cups. Super yum!
For tea this evening we made a vegan tikka masala with basmati rice and naan. (It was one hell of a mission to find a vegan naan bread but morrisons came to the rescue and now it's our fave). We used a tikka paste, a can of chopped tomatoes and coconut milk, with potato, carrots, onion, some broccoli and tofu for me.


Breakfast was, you guessed it, cereal, oat milk and banana ;)
Lunch was a huge, delicious noodle, crispy tofu & veggie dish. First I fried some tofu until crispy, then added a big spoonful gochujang (red pepper paste), and some water and sweetener to make a sauce. Next, I added spring onion, tenderstem broccoli, the chopped end of a pak choi and some vegan kimchi. Meanwhile, I cooked some noodles, then once cooked I added these, the pak choi leaves and gave everything a good stir. All finished with sesame seeds and sesame oil. Just thinking about this is making my stomach rumble, need to make again asap. I also had some seaweed with it, too.
I forgot to take a picture of my tea this evening, as we had it suuuuper late! It was a takeaway of veggie pizza and some chips, oh the shame. It wasn't that good to be honest, anytime I order a pizza without cheese around here I get some sort of sad looking bread, with barely any sauce or veggies. SAD! Luckily I had vegan garlic mayo in the fridge to dip the chips in and save the day whilst watching Riverdale.


OMG, no cereal. Today I made a berry & banana smoothie with maca powder.
Lunch was beans on toast with a veggie sausage chopped up into the beans, plus avocado and hemp hearts to make it fancy just for you.
Our tea was leftover curry with added spinach and avo, plus naan.


Sunday was full of delicious food that I mostly forgot to take a picture of. Cereal for breakfast, then out to wagamamas in Manchester for lunch! I had the veggie pad thai made vegan. Then I dragged everyone up to V-Rev in the northern quarter for cake. I got the fudge brownie with heaps of chocolate frosting and a lil choccy on top!
I keep trying to remember what we had for tea on Sunday night but I seriously haven't got a clue. I think we tried some of the new vegan quorn nuggets, but maybe that was Monday...

And that was my week in food! I really enjoyed doing this and would like to do it again soon! It definitely encouraged me to think about what I was eating, even if it wasn't the best ;)