I've been stuck in a rut with my content lately, I so desperately want to branch out and post about a few other topics every once in a while; food, lifestyle, personal, chatty general blog talk, heck maybe even fashion (because hello, I recently bought dungarees and they are my new faves) but every time I try I freeze up and write a post on my favourite cleansers or review a face mask instead.
This month is going to be a very busy one, though, so I thought I would just sit down and take a minute to say hello and natter about my life... if you're interested!

1. We're moving! We abruptly found out that our tenancy is up at the end of the month (we thought it was next month!) and have decided to jump ship instead of committing to another year here. We love, love, love this little flat, but it's time to move out of the city centre to save a few pennies and maybe have a little more space. If we can find it. Time is of the essence now so we're obsessively checking the listings every day for somewhere that's 1.) within budget, 2.) allows a cat & 3.) doesn't make you want to vom from all the yellow walls and brown, red or blue carpets. It's very tricky.

2. I'm going to be travelling down to London this weekend for the Clean Cult event, will I see any of you there? It's terrible timing now that we need to organise and pack our entire life up asap, but I can't wait to see some fellow blogger babes, meet some new brands and have a little time in my favourite city (please let the weather be nice!).

3. I've been really enjoying experimenting with food lately and have been opting for more and more vegan/plant-based meals. I just want all of the veggies. The Keep It Vegan recipe book from my latest haul post has been fab and I've made a few recipes from it, as well as making up my own sometimes too. I also loved watching JessicaBeautician's What I Eat In A Day videos last month which are always vegan and so creative! I have so many recipes noted down to try now! Those videos also took me into a huge spiral of other what I eat in a day vids and I'm seriously obsessed with them.

4. Penny is going on a little adventure to stay with my mum for a few weeks whilst we move and have viewings in our current place. We're not technically supposed to have a pet here but we've never once had an inspection in the two years we've lived here, and about 50% of the building has a pet anyway. We don't want to suddenly get in trouble for it and lose our deposit though so it has to be done. It's going to break my heart to leave her for so long, especially as she doesn't get on with my mums' cat, Lyla, and cat fights are a daily occurrence. I hope she will forgive us when she comes back.

5. I have pink hair! Have I mentioned that before? I think maybe I did ;) I haven't gotten around to taking any pictures of it really, except for a couple on snapchat here and there but I love it. Why is pink not a natural hair colour?

6. On my ever long quest for clear skin I had yet another appointment at the doctors a couple of weeks ago as I was suffering with a bad breakout and was at a low point - again - and, aside from being a totally horrible experience with a doctor who dismissed my concerns about taking more antibiotics, didn't seem to listen to my problems, and rushed us through the appointment - I did get what I wanted! Which was a referral to see a dermatologist. Hopefully I won't have to wait much longer now to get my appointment with them and I can see what they think of my skin.