I can't believe that the Clean Cult event was now 10 days ago! How time has flown. I should really, really start packing up my desk and clearing out the wardrobe as we move on Sunday, but I thought it was about time I shared these pictures from the day instead!

In case you missed all the promotions of the event, Clean Cult was organised by the Call It Vanity & Clean Beauty Co. girls as a niche event to showcase the best of green beauty right here in the UK. There were 10 brands there on the day showing off their wares, with nibbles, superfood cocktails and lots of chance to chat and catch up with fellow green beauty babes, too. I arrived at 3pm and stayed until 6 and it just wasn't long enough, I was so busy chatting and catching up that I didn't even get to meet with all of the brands or have a manicure from Kure Bazaar! But it was still a fab afternoon so I really can't complain. ;)

I didn't get any fancy photography shots as I was too busy having a good time - but here's the few pictures that I did get...

Isla Apothecary with their gorgeous copper packaging and lush smelling scrubs and salts.

The ever lovely Jenny Cupido with her line Supernatural Beauty, it was SO lovely to meet Jenny and see the full range. I've blogged about the products I've tried in the past so click the tag at the bottom of the post if you want to know more.

Bodhi & Birch, Tabitha James Kraan and Evolve Organic Beauty!

The Skin & Tonic Table

Here's the lovely Mavs getting her 1-minute makeover consultation from a Jane Iredale makeup artist! Sorry you're out of focus Mavs, haha! ;)

We had a good chat with the lovely founders of Amly learning about their mist and even got to try some of the silver-rich spring water that they use in it (the toner smells so divine by the way - it's on the list to try asap!). Keep an eye on this brand as their upcoming mists are going to be amazing too!

Oh and here's some cool babes. You might know them..
Amber, Mayah, Sabrina, Mavs and Me!

Finally, no beauty blog event is complete without some swag. I especially love the Ecotool brushes! my new go-to eye brushes for sure and hello look at all the tiny makeup from Jane Iredale! I got a miniature of my all-time fave just kissed lip tint and I'm super excited to try the Pure Lash Extender & Conditioner. Can all makeup be this small? Then I would actually buy it and use it up.

Anyway, that was just a snippet of my day and now I can't wait for the next one. Thank you so much to Mayah, Sabrina, Dominika and Elsie for working so hard to bring the event to life!