For super healthy skin you really need to pay close attention to both what you eat and what you apply topically. Well, with the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Universal Mask you're getting the best of both worlds. The ingredients list is pure as pure can be, with everything sounding as at home in a salad or fresh juice as it does now in a face mask. 

The Universal Mask is for skin that's dry, sensitive, inflamed or feeling irritated. It's also a good one for when you just need to perk up your skin with a mask session, so really, it's for everyone. I really prefer masks in powder form these days as I like to customise how I mix them; plain water, floral waters, oils, honey, yogurt or even mixed in with a cleanser. It's up to you. This particular mask really shines when mixed with yogurt, some oil & water, or a cream cleanser. The powder is really easy to manipulate - it's isn't scrubby, gritty or hard to mix (some clay masks can be a pain to get just right) just a few drops of water turns the powder into a silky cream type of formula that spreads easily on your skin. And yes, it does turn you an attractive pea green.

To keep the ingredients active on the skin Dr. Alkaitis recommend not letting this mask dry, so if you do use water to mix just keep a mist handy to spritz every few minutes. If you're using something like honey then this isn't necessary as it won't dry! 
After 10-20 minutes I like to press a steamy hot cloth to my skin for a few seconds before wiping the mask away, then following up with a swipe of toner on a cotton pad to get any last green residue. I don't know if anyone else has this issue when masking but my flannels or muslin cloths can never really get every last scrap, I always find my cotton pad has some mask on it afterwards.

Once removed my skin feels soft and calm, this isn't a super active going to pull out every spot and reveal your brightest glow kinda mask. It's calming, soothing, a little rejuvenating and very softening, like a chill pill for the skin. I reach for this after a detox or exfoliating mask, or when I don't know what else to use. It's reliable, comforting and feels like it's doing some good.

Dr Alkaitis' Grass Juice Complex (kamut grass*. alfalfa*, oat grass* and wheat grass*), oat Buds*. Dr. Alkaitis' Sea Vegetable Complex (chlorellaº, dulseº, spirulinaº, sea palmº and sea willowº) Dr. Alkaitis' Vegetable Protein blend (brown rice*, quinoa* and amaranth*) Dr. Alkaitis' Vegetable Complex (carrots*, cabbage, sweet potato*, kale*, broccoli*, asparagus, brussels sprouts, cucumber, ginger*, onions, cauliflower, beets*, tomatoes* and parsley*). Dr. Alkaitis' Seed Complex (pumpkin*, sesame*, amaranth*, flax*, soy*, oats*, rye*, buckwheat*, millet*, barley*, brown rice* and sunflower*)

* certified organically grown
º ethically wild-crafted

You can pick up the Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask here (£48) and get yourself 15% OFF with the code 'ANNABEL15' at Alyaka. I would also really recommend the Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit (£56) too, which has 7 very generously sized different products for you to sample from the range - it would last you aaaages! A good one for a gift or travelling, or just trying something new.

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