It's that time again! I am still so excited to receive my Beauty Heroes box each month, this is without a doubt the best subscription box I've ever tried, there's nothing I've received so far that's going unloved or unused and February's box is no exception, introducing me to a new brand, one that's impossible to get in Europe & the UK, for an incredible price.

This month's box contains two full-size products from the brand Beauty Counter, the hero of the month being the beautiful Rose & Neroli Body Oil ($73) whilst the sidekick/extra item included is a Lip Sheer in the shade Petal ($30).

Haven't heard of Beauty Counter? Let me fill you in...

If you are completely unfamiliar with the brand a quick way to describe it would be like an all-natural Avon in America. With over 11,000 consultants in their three year life span I'm curious as to why I don't hear more about the brand. The packaging is sleek (I mean. just look at that gold lipstick, it's now the prettiest one I own) and their commitment to safer beauty is commendable.

The USA is highly different from Europe and has next to no laws in place for ingredient safety, Beauty Counter founder Gregg Renfrew spends much of her time working to try and update these laws and has funded partnerships with universities to test and screen chemicals (never on animals obviously) to better understand them and their effects on our health. Beauty Counter have an extensive 'never list' of ingredients we won't find in their products and the ingredients that do are all listed in their ingredient glossary so you can understand what they do if you're unfamiliar.

Petal Lip Sheer.

As well as always getting a full-size product, Beauty Heroes like to include the hero's sidekick too, because who's Batman without Robin? This month our sidekick just happens to be a full-size product to, aaaaand it just might be my favourite of the two.
The Petal Lip Sheer is worth $30 and very nearly pays for the cost of the box itself ($39). Housed in luxe gold packaging, it's easy to see why this is a Beauty Counter best seller, the formula is silky smooth and glides onto lips like lip balm, but leaves a wash of colour that's universally flattering. I'm normally wary of pale shades + pale skin, but this suits me just fine for a hint of pink.

Makeup is a tricky one to get right in a beauty box, but I think Beauty Heroes have nailed this one with such a perfect colour, pink on some, nude on others, sheer enough to suit all. Beauty Heroes have listened to their subscribers wishes to include makeup, but also won't have more than two boxes a year with it in, so you don't need to worry about filling up your makeup bag with unsuitable products.

Rose Neroli Body Oil.

The star of the show is the deliciously scented Rose Neroli Body Oil. I slathered this on after my shower last night and I love that the scent is actually quite delicate and not at all overpowering and sickly like it's so easy to do with floral scents. It smells exactly like you would imagine a rose & neroli blend to smell, mostly neroli, a little rosy, floral and sweet. 

The oil is made up of a blend of 11 skin loving oils including jojoba, argan, marula, rosehip, seabuckthorn and grapeseed. The texture is light enough to be applied to dry skin and have it sink in without any greasy residue, but moisturising enough with the nutrient rich oils to soothe the driest skin. It's recommended to apply to damp skin and massage in but I just applied a pump to the back of my hands so I could describe the scent and feel and it has sunk in beautifully. I love it. This may actually be a body product that I remember to use!

All about the box.

$103 worth of product for $39. It's a no-brainer. EU pals, shipping is extra but as always totally worth it. The box costs me about £35 and usually it makes it through customs without a charge (I suppose it just depends who is processing your parcel that day as I know one or two that have had to pay the royal mail fee). You have until the 20th of this month to sign up and get this box, any after that date will get the March box (It's skincare next month and o.m.g. it's going to be awesome).

For a brand that I would never normally get to try, I'm pretty pleased with this month's box, what about you?