Happy December 1st! If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter (if not, you totally should... over there... in the sidebar... go go!) you'll know I'm going to attempt blogmas! a.k.a a bloggers version of vlogmas, where I'll publish a blog post every day from the 1st until the 24th. I know a lot of bloggers blog every day so it's nothing new, but for this blog chick it's a real challenge. I have half of my content planned so far, so if you have any requests let me know! But for now, here's a few favourites from the past month...

For makeup, two old favourites got the most use this month, my beloved Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream, which offers incredible coverage and a glowing/satin finish. I've lost count of the amount of times I've mentioned this, I use BB5 which is a perfectly pale, yellow tone, though I could easily use BB3 too during the winter months. My second pick is the RMS Lip Shine in Sacred, a beautiful sheer glossy red with a hint of pink. I love this lip shine and definitely need to pick up another colour asap, I'm hoping a bright berry shade is released soon. I do love a berry lip.

For skincare I've been religiously using the Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum this month, so much so that I'm over half way through it already! It's the perfect consistency (very thin and liquid) to mix with oils to increase their absorbency and keeps my skin hydrated. I'm going to write up a more in-depth review on some hydrating serums later this month!
I've also been loving using the Vedani Botanicals No21 Light Cleanser more and more in the evenings, even when I'm not wearing makeup to keep my skin balanced, nourished and as soft as possible, to keep that winter dryness at bay! I use a microfibre cloth which removes every trace of oil and grime without needing to double cleanse the oil away and further strip natural oils from the skin, a revolution!

I've also snuck two extra favourites into the mix this month, the first being hot chocolate, because why not. I make mine with Rude Health almond milk (the absolute BEST almond milk available) and use drinking chocolate from Clipper for a tasty sweet treat that stops me craving a bar of chocolate in the evening.
Secondly, I've been obsessed with the latest Tomb Raider game this past week - sorry to get all geeky on you now, but it's a'happening - I have played nearly all of the Tomb Raider games and just love this recent reboot with a young Lara. The puzzles are tricky, the story is gripping and I love the beautiful landscapes and massive scale of the game.

What have you been loving this month?