I have been completely obsessed with finding the perfect sheer pink nude nail shade for months now, uhm'ing and ah'ing over this one particular shade, Rose Milk from Kure Bazaar and a few other shades too, before finally biting the bullet and going for Rose Milk. It was the prettiest of the bunch and sounded like just what I was after. A shade that could be applied as a sheer wash to neaten up nails in a flash without washing out my hands and making them look a little, er, dead... like a beige nude shade might. 

The colour is perfect, strawberries and cream adorable. The photo above is one coat and the photo below is two coats with some of the glittery Stella thrown in there for a little extra sparkle. I didn't think I was a pale pink nails kinda girl before this, but dare I say it, I love the colour built up with two coats most of all. It's oh so pretty and makes me feel a tad fancy with my dainty pink nails. I haven't used any other polish since purchase, so it must be love.

Rose Milk is available from Fortnum & Mason here (though their delivery charge is extortionate so I would only pick this up if you're a londoner or making an order already) and Naturisimo here (where it is out of stock but worth the wait for that free delivery!).