I admit, up until a few months ago I was very much anti-rose everything. I found the smell very off putting and old fashioned, that was until I was introduced to the Olivine Love & Roses Beauty Mist. I was more interested in the pretty packaging at first, sure, but the formula is fantastic (it's incredibly moisturising) and leaves a nice dewy glow on top of makeup. I've been using this as my daily toner now for many, many months because the huge 250ml size refuses to quit. Somewhere along the way when using up this behemoth my nose started falling for rose... (I know you read this blog for my epic poetry)

Next came the Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash, which went straight into the shower and got used up pretty sharpish... mainly because it was the only shower gel available, but also because it was really rather lovely, smelt nice (not at all overpowering or cloying) and felt quite luxurious compared to our cheap as chips regular picks. (Oh snap, I did it again...)

I rarely use a cream moisturiser, prefering oils, but I recently read an article explaining why we need to use water based creams too as our skin really does need the water to stay properly balanced and hydrated, so I've been making more of an effort to apply a cream at night with my usual oils. The Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Cream is extremely light, dont be fooled by the word 'rich' on the packaging as this sinks in quickly and leeves skin soft and plump, but I'm not sure if it would be enough for dry skin types. 

Finally we have the 001 Rosa Damascena Essence Mist, this is the rose product to end all other rose products. The epitome of Rose mists and totally luxurious. If you truely are obsessed with rose, or know that rose works for your skin then you probably need this. It contains an incredibly high concentration of the most expensive and precious rose oil, rosa damascena, whilst the bulk of the mist is made up of rosa damascena flower water, to really reap the benefits of this beautiful flower. It soothes, reduces redness, moisturises and revitalises the skins texture. Beauty in a bottle. 

How do you feel about rose beauty products?