A bit of an eclectic bunch of things today, so let's dive right in!

Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Perfume. This spicy little number has been helping me feel extra festive this week. Not that it's a festive scent exactly, but it's warming and spicy so it's along those lines. I've been eating my weight in clementines so my hands always smell of orange peel and OH MY orange peel and Fez together? Hel-lo. Now that's festive alright.

Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara. I'm pretty sure this is way past it's 3 months of use by now, as I opened it absolutely ages ago to test once and photograph for a different site and then closed it back up for a while until I'd used up whatever I was actually using. I think time did it some good though as the formula is the perfect consistency, not at all wet but not flaky and dry either. It creates soft lashes that aren't crispy at all and I really rather love it.

Fushi Maca Powder. This malty tasting powder is said to be great for balancing hormones, improving energy levels and strengthening the immune system.  I've been having 1 heaped teaspoon every other day in my smoothie and really notice the boost of energy it gives me compared to the days when I don't have it or the smoothie for lunch (my fave combo is banana, pear and avocado with almond milk, spinach and maca). I tried a different brand of maca powder a few years ago and it was horrible, but this fushi one is really lovely and mild tasting, it goes great with the banana flavour. 

Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate. In an effort to use more water based creams in my skincare routine instead of just all oil all the time I've introduced this night time wonder and I'm loving it. Pictured is just a little sample size I'm using but I have a full size waiting in the wings. 

Blissoma Smooth A+ Correcting Serum. Now I've only used this serum twice this past week but I've already been so impressed that I had to mention it. Using anti-inflammatory herbs and natural plant based forms of retinol this serum packs a punch to transform skin overnight. Redness is reduced and angry patches of skin, including even my worst acne scarring looks so much better. I'll see how I feel after I've used up my dinky sample but I can't believe how much I'm falling for Blissoma skincare!