If there's a supplement out there that's supposed to help give me beautiful skin, chances are I'm taking it, have taken it in the past or am considering taking it in the future should what I'm taking now fail. I'm all for that secret capsule that will somehow fix my wonky insides to give me some glow, banish acne & heal my skin. Yes please. 

And okay, sure, I KNOW it's not as simple as that. There isn't a fix-all cure for that kind of thing, we're all different and beautifully strange in our own way. But natural supplements can, and often do work to give your body the help it needs to be its very best self. Sometimes it just needs a little extra help, a little dose of this mineral and that vitamin and everything slots into place again. 

Today I'm taking about MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane), a form of dietary sulphur that's traditionally taken for healing our joints (as it's a key compound in cartilage), getting rid of aches and pains as it decreases inflammation and is necessary for keratin and collagen production. I first heard about MSM about two years ago, around the time I discovered Oskia Skincare, as this is the key ingredient at the heart of their range. Whilst sulphur is absolutely crucial for a number of different functions in the body it's also highly effective at treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, as well as guarding against premature ageing and skin damage. 

You can find sulphur naturally in a lot of everyday food including milk, eggs, fish and raw veg. So why take a supplement? Well, even the richest natural sources of MSM only contain a few parts per million, so even if you're eating lots of sulphur rich foods you may be only be getting just enough. If MSM can help heal skin conditions, joints and more, it seems logical that for that sort of thing you will need extra as any that you are getting from your diet is immediately snatched up by the body and carted off to do the very necessary admin jobs that we all hate, such as creating new cells and stuff, yawn. 

I've been taking one 1000mg tablet once a day, usually with my lunch for about a month now and perhaps it's a little too soon to say, but I feel like my skin has been much more well behaved this past month. I've also noticed my hair is finally growing again, I had my hair cut above my shoulders nearly 5 months ago now and it's finally showing signs of movement to past my shoulders which I'd like to thank the MSM for! (not that it matters because I want it short, but it's weird when your hair doesn't grow).
I've been told MSM only stays in the body for 24 hours, so I've been making sure to keep up with this one as usually I'm quite forgetful. The bottle I have is the Higher Nature brand, which has 90 tablets and cost £6.94. You can also get 180 for £12.25. The tablets are quite large but not too bad to swallow, just make sure you're quick because if it goes wrong and they touch your tongue they taste quite bitter! 
The bottle says you can take up to six tablets a day building gradually up to this, so I may increase my intake to two tablets a day now and see if I see any improvement. 

Do you take MSM?