true nature botanicals face mist olivine love & roses
I had a few requests for blusher as my next top five post, but when I came to gather up my blush collection it turns out I own a measly amount, exactly five! but there's one of them I'm not keen on so it's really only four. Maybe in a few months when I get around to doing a little new makeup shopping I'll be able to write that one up, because the four I do have are all quite lovely. Instead, I decided to stick to what I know & go down the skincare route with a tried and tested favourite: toner! 

Toner is the one skincare product I am most often caught parting with my money for, I go through it quickly and use it for just about everything. Setting my makeup, refreshing skin, a quick mist to help facial oils absorb better, soothing, exfoliating or even using as the liquid part when I'm mixing up powder masks. I've used a lot of different toners that I've loved, but haven't repurchased because there's approx. 18427 more that I fancy trying before I can even think about repurchasing some favourites. It's a much less stressful purchase compared to something like a moisturiser or a foundation as I don't really need to worry that I will break out.

Working left to right the first of my Top Five is the Antonia Burrell Forest Dew Skin Conditioner (£25.50). I went into great depth reviewing this little number here when I compared it against the Yuli Cocoon Elixir (spoiler alert: Forest Dew won) and it was still a favourite for many months after this post. It lasted ages to say it was only 50ml, in fact I only finished this up last month and that was probably quite past its use by date. This was one of my favourite toners for mixing with masks, using to soothe inflamed skin and hydrate when things were getting a little dry. I'm pretty sad it's all gone now & will add it to the exclusive repurchase list when I run out of new toners to try. 

Next we have the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (£10.20). I found it really difficult to find a natural exfoliating toner before discovering these pads, and whilst I wouldn't consider First Aid Beauty to be natural by my strict green standards, by chance I had a look at the ingredients for these and saw nothing of concern. I only use one pad every 3-4 days, sometimes less, so the smaller size box (you get 28 pre-soaked pads) has been perfect and they haven't dried out at all. There's no sting or tingle to be felt like similar, harsher products and I do notice a difference in keeping my skin ticking over nicely. 

If you're looking for something that's going to last you ages so you can be extra liberal with the application then I would have to suggest the Olivine Love & Roses Mist (£25.95). This whopping great big bottle contains 240ml and I've been using it every single day for at least 3 or 4 months now and am only just hitting half way. I use at least 4 or 5 spritzes each time too, so I'm not trying to make it last. This lovely rose scented mist contains a whole host of moisturising and soothing ingredients including oat proteins, rose water, moringa seed extract and Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide, a botanical form of hyaluronic acid. I especially like using this when applying facial oils or to set makeup and remove that cakey powder look. 

I have the old packaging and size of this next product (I'm pretty sure the ingredients stayed the same) it's the True Nature Botanicals Pacific Mist ($48) and this is one of my favourites as a real skin treat. I only have a tiny amount of this left so I save it for nights when I'm using a few other products from TNB so I can get the full experience. It's packed with antioxidants, marine extracts and anti-inflammatory green tea. Plus this is the nicest spray I've ever used, you may think that's trivial but when you use a lot of 'misty' products a great one is always well received. 

I have completely used up my last toner pick now, but I just had to include it because I really enjoyed it and even though the smell was a bit funky thanks to the apple cider vinegar, it was a great way to introduce such a potent ingredient into my routine. The Holiskin Rose & ACV Toner (£10) was an impulse purchase but luckily not one I regret. It only contained two ingredients; rose water and apple cider vinegar (both organic) so it was perfect for really calming my skin a few months ago when it was at it's worst and I really think it helped. The 60ml bottle didn't last me terribly long but I've gotten into the habit of spraying way too much toner lately so that might be why! 

Are you a toner addict, too?
What Top Five should I write up next?