No 50mm lens? no problem! 

It seems like every photography guide out there [for bloggers] mentions the 50mm lens, and while it is a super great lens, it's also an expensive purchase for most people that isn't exactly necessary. You can take the most amazing shots for your blog with your DSLR and kit lens, believe me

The only reason I even own a 50mm lens is because I'm a self-professed fancy pants with a degree in Fine Art and I like to think I'm mysterious, artistic and great at photography (I'm really not). My 50mm lens doesn't even have auto-focus and it drives me mental, so I'm looking to replace it with a 35 or 40mm lens soon and god help me, it will have auto-focus! Some days I use my kit lens because I just don't want to battle with my 50mm lens for a shot that's in focus. True story. 

But how do I get that blurry background and illusion of a 50mm lens with just my kit lens? Easy! Lens filters! 

Screw them onto your lens and let the magic begin. You can even layer them like the above photo for intense zoom + blur effects. 

This kit is the one I have (the 52mm option) and it comes with 4 lens filters that offer +1, +2, +4 and +10 macro options. I have NEVER needed to use the +10 lens, I don't think it's necessary unless you want to get up REAL close and personal with the texture of an eyeshadow or something. 

These lenses offer great macro capabilities (A.K.A. focusing on a small area and blurring out all of the rest beautifully) and are great for product shots, showing fine detail and getting that sweet professional looking blurry background with zero effort, you can use auto mode and still get a dreamy shot. 

They're definitely a lot of fun to play around with and experiment with the macro effects, and for just £15 it's certainly a lot cheaper than a new camera lens. I sometimes attach the +1 or +2 to my 50mm lens if I want extra dreamy shots, they're pretty versatile. I don't know how well they would work with other cameras - but if it has a lens that you can screw something on to then they would probably work!

Do you use lens filters?