We had a huge re-organising and tidying day last week, something that was long overdue as our open plan apartment just gathers mess like nobodies business. I can't wait to move to a flat that has separate rooms and some storage. What a luxury, ha!
Anyway, half way through the cleaning when we had moved the sofa to hoover up 3 cats worth of cat hair Michael suggested we re-organise the space completely. It was one of those 'yeah sure, why not' moments, but 20 minutes later with sweat pouring from every skin cell we regretted it, and then 20 more minutes later when everything was tidy, new and looking lovely you realise it was all worth it... Whilst chugging ice cold water on the sofa never wanting to move again. 

Our actual living room space is quite narrow as our flat is like a really long corridor. We moved the sofa to the other side and as such I got to move my desk, bookshelf and the big cosy chair where it used to be when we first moved in. I love it this way now as I'm less distracted by what's going on next to me and the big chair is perfect for curling up with a good book (or your laptop). It was previously very unloved in the opposite corner of the room, so I'm glad it's seeing some use now, Michael has already fallen asleep on it twice and Penny has declared it her personal throne for day time naps.
(I've just realised you have no idea what kind of chair I'm talking about as it's cropped out of the pictures oops! it's one like this, but not green.)

Now we have our car (OMG FREEDOM!) one of the first places we're going to drive to - tomorrow actually - is of course IKEA! How could you not. I'm hoping to get a new desk and chair, though just the chair would be ideal as the one I have now is so, so uncomfortable. I really didn't think it through when picking my current chair, going for the cheapest option. What a mistake! A little padding and comfort would be nice. 

I've been browsing Pinterest and homeware websites for inspiration to create the perfect little office space, but I know it's all unattainable right now. Oh well, a girl can dream. For some reason I quite like this chair from ikea, but maybe the wicker is a little old fashioned. I will have to sit on every chair I can find until I hit that right combination of being within my tiny, tiny budget and being comfortable. 

I hope you liked these little snaps of my desk. The map, which I actually moved to a nicer spot once we moved the bookcase is from paperchase, I think it's wrapping paper? The sleeping red panda print is by Sandra Dieckmann and the notebooks and washi tape are from Nouvelle Daily!