I thought I would start a new series showcasing some of my favourite beauty bits and bobs from my current stash. Too often I share what I'm loving or testing at that moment when secretly my heart belongs to something else (bit dramatic but you get the idea).
I'm starting it all off today with lips! My makeup selection is pretty small but I did find this one hard to narrow down, especially between the last two. It's pretty obvious that I don't do 'nude' shades whatsoever, I really have tried believe me, but I just end up looking ill, or dead. I like a little colour and gravitate towards brighter shades that are a little more fun.
It's also clear I'm not a lipstick or lipgloss girl and instead am firmly in the pigmented tinted balm category, here I can get great colour payoff without having to concentrate too hard on application or getting hair stuck to my lips, it's really the best of both worlds and why anyone would choose anything else is beyond me. ;)

I have mentioned all of these countless times on the blog before, but I don't suppose it hurts to mention them just one more time...
The ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioners we have there are Jump and Arabian Knights. I think Arabian Knights is probably way passed its use-by date by now so I've been trying to use this more over the past few weeks. It's a beautiful red/berry shade that makes me feel ever so grown up when I wear it. In contrast Jump (my #1 fave) is a bright fuchsia berry shade, and whilst it's definitely pink, it's not pink enough to make me feel paranoid about wearing pink.. because that makes sense. I adore the formula of these tinted lip conditioners, if feels like you're applying a (very fancy) lip balm but you get great colour payoff that lasts hours and hours.

Next in the lineup is Jane Iredale's Forever Peach Lip Stain. I LOVE this. I wasn't sure how I felt about coral lips for the longest time after realising that Kjaer Weis's Sweetness really didn't suit me at all. But this is a completely different ball game. It must be the PH adjusting magic that turns this into the loveliest orange shade on my lips. I have probably reached for this the most over the past few months as it's become my 'when in doubt' choice.

I don't carry any of my expensive lip products in my handbag and instead have Burts Bee's Lip Shimmers rolling around in there. It helps that they're awesome. Rhubarb is my favourite as it's similar to Jump and a lovely fuchsia shade but I also have cherry which is a pretty red. They're pigmented, moisturising and the minty tingle never gets old. Easy.

It felt wrong to have a lip roundup and not include something from RMS. Even though I hate dipping my fingers into pots sometimes you have to sacrifice that for a really, really great colour. RMS Sacred is my favourite bright red yet, it's glossy, pigmented and really pretty. It has a hint of pink in there so it's not too serious and it's about as close to a lip gloss as I'm willing to get these days.

Have you tried any of these shades? 
Which Top Five should I do next?