I know it seems messy, a whole lotta effort and not as glam as using a fancy beauty product in a tube, but your kitchen contains a tonne of incredible skin, hair and body ingredients that can be whipped up into a homemade beauty treatment in no time.

I have experimented with a lot of DIY recipes, both the good and the bad and thought I would share some of my favourite ones (that actually work!) with you.

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse. 

Results - Shiny, soft, clarified and conditioned hair and scalp. Great for dull locks and itchy scalps.
How to - Mix 30-50ml of apple cider vinegar with 200ml of warm water and use instead of conditioner when in the shower. Pour slowly over hair, making sure to soak scalp and ends and massage into hair. Wait 60 seconds and then give hair a quick rinse (you can leave it in if you fancy) you'll smell of vinegar for a little while but once your hair is completely dry the whiff goes away.

Manuka/Raw Honey Face Mask.

Results - cleansed and moisturised skin.
How to - Apply raw honey to slightly damp skin (it will spread much easier with a little added moisture) and leave for between 10 minutes and a full hour. To remove simply massage away with water, it will completely dissolve.
Customise - Add some yogurt, clay, avocado or coconut oil, turmeric powder, a few drops of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, or even pureed strawberries or tomatoes (brightening and clarifying).

Coconut Oil Hair Mask.

Results - locks that are softer than silk.
How to - apply liquid coconut oil to dry hair from root to tip and leave in for as long as possible. I like to pop my hair in a bun and using the lowest hairdryer setting apply a little heat to the hair to help the oil penetrate even better. It's a mission to wash out but really worth it.

Chocolate Dry Shampoo.

Results - Tinted dry shampoo that adds volume, smells great and banishes grease.
How to - I wrote a whole post previously, here.

Sweet & Salty Body Scrub

Results - smooth skin and loads of pennies saved.
How to - Mix 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup fine grain sea salt with just enough coconut or olive oil to combine into a thick spreadable scrub.
Customise - add essential oils, herbs, spices (cinnamon and ginger for a gingerbread scrub!) ground coffee, green tea, lemon juice or other oils. Experiment!

And now for a few others that I think are great...

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Do you indulge in a little DIY beauty to save money?