Oh, hello!
Apologies for my unplanned absence (that is ongoing - I'm blogging from my iPad currently which is surprisingly difficult) My laptop dropped dead last week, there was no warning whatsoever. We're currently waiting to see if it can be fixed (think it's the video card gone) or if not get a quote to replace the parts that need replacing, or if that's too expensive we're just going to save my hard drive and buy a new one. An iMac probably, as I never travel with my MacBook anymore and I'd love the bigger screen to work on! It's also considerably cheaper than a macbook pro, so that's a bonus.

I've gathered together a few beauty favourites for you today, I took the photo on my phone so do be kind - and I've kept it short with just 3 products I'm smitten with so as to not have to type an essay on a touch screen ;) Save me!
The first in line is the Alima Pure Concealer. This stuff!!! I am obsessed. I have never used a concealer that covers so well, let alone a mineral concealer. With this I finally look like I have a-okay skin and can cover up most of my acne scars to a pretty good degree. I still know they're there and one or two of the darkest pop through, but I can live with it. I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush (from the essentials kit or whatever it's called) and sort of tap and blend into into the skin. I have the palest shade which is just about perfect for me as long as I don't get any sort of tan this summer, shouldn't be too hard for this gal.

Next up is the Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil. I feel like I have done nothing but rave about this for the past few weeks. I took it on holiday and my obsession began there. I also really rather love the fact in comes in a roller ball. So handy. This is a jojoba based oil, so it's very light and the blue tint comes from roman blue chamomile, blue tansy and a few others. It smells divine, I wish it was a perfume because it's just so good. The actual oil - not just it's smell - is another selling point. This is one of the very few oils I can use during the day, even in the summer as it sinks in immediately and leaves no greasy residue. It's very balancing and calming and a great match for my skin (so thank you so much Lauren for sending it to me in the beauty swap!! Forever in your debt)

Lastly is the Love & Roses Beauty Mist from Olivine. I have been wanting to try Olivine for so long, let's be honest - it's the packaging that does it. Beautiful. The mist appears to be a simple rose water mist but it has a few added ingredients for extra hydration and I've found it's very, very moisturising. I can't use it over makeup during the day as it actually makes things too shiny, but I do have very oily skin at the moment so it wont be like that for everyone.
Another point of note is the size, it's 240ml! I didn't realise it was so much and always thought it was a little expensive at £25 but now I see it's more that double the size of regular toners and actually a complete bargain (they also have the smaller travel sizes on A Beautiful World) so make sure you try it!

What have you been loving this past month?