This week has gone by in such a blur, I really don't know where my time has gone! I have really loved blogging though, that's for sure, Even if my to-do list is only slightly dented. Have you caught up with all my posts this week? There were quite a few!
Beauty-wise, this week I've been trying a few new things and relying on an old favourite too. Well, that old favourite never left my side, let's be clear on that one before we begin...

Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo - I've been alternating this shampoo with my trusty John Masters Bare Shampoo to keep my scalp in check. I rarely use conditioner these days as it just weighs my short hair down, so I like to use a moisturising shampoo to make up for this and keep my hair soft and shiny! It appears to be working so clearly there is some method in my madness. The formula of this shampoo is really nice too, it lathers up like crazy and smells a little like baby shampoo.

Another favourite this past week has been the Mahalo Skincare Pele Mask - You guys!!! This mask! I am in love. This mask is incredibly healing and purifying, it really does draw every impurity to the surface (so I wouldn't use it the day before an event) which, despite what it sounds like really is a good thing. Skin looks clarified and renewed and redness is taken down a notch or two with the powerhouse anti-inflammatory ingredients. Just a few that spring to mind: turmeric, hibiscus, papaya, charcoal, cacao and ginger. What I love most however, is that when drying out this mask doesn't feel tight or drawing in the slightest, it's so comfortable and soothing.

Yuli Cell Perfecto PM -You see that tiny sample next to the Pele Mask? That's all it took for me to fall for this oil. Granted I had two samples to use and am now onto the second of those, but still. I have noticed a real difference in the darkest acne scars on my cheekbones that it's hard to ignore whatever magic is inside this golden elixir! I must have more.

RMS Beauty 'Un' Powder - Can you believe I'm still talking about this stuff? I feel like I've had this for as long as I've been blogging (I haven't...) but I use so little each time that I feel I will never run out, even though I really would like to, just to accomplish the impossible. This powder has only one ingredient: Silica, and it makes the skin feel so smooth, instantly mattifies shine without looking cakey or powdery, and gives an airbrushed look to the skin. It's quite the miracle worker to be honest and a complete LIFE SAVER in the summer.

Finally we have The Organic Pharmacy's Rose Cleansing Gel - Just a tiny 10ml size that I got in the mini kit with Elle this month, but I'm easily swayed and a big fan already. I don't have any cleansing gels in my stash at the moment and I've been craving that cool clean feeling that can only be obtained from a gel. Must be the heat. This arrived at just the right time and I've been rationing it for desperate times. Does anyone else ration their beauty products? No? just me then. This pairs really well with my Foreo Luna and leaves my skin very, very soft.

What have you been loving this week?