When I heard that May Lindstrom was coming to London and Content Beauty & Wellbeing were hosting an event with May, well, you would have needed to physically restrain me to stop me from going. I don't get to attend any exciting blogger/beauty events simply because I live too far away, but there are always special exceptions that are worth booking a ridiculously overpriced train fare for ;)

I hadn't been to London in a year and had forgotten just how perfectly petite (and crammed to bursting with shelves of beauty products!) Content really is. There were about 15 of us attending the event in total (maybe a few more or less - it was over 2 weeks ago now!) and I felt like there was a really special atmosphere in the store waiting for the woman of the hour. We had fresh green juice to sip and I chatted excitedly to Tamara from Rainbow Feet as she was the only person I knew! (sorry Tamara!!). May was fashionably late thanks to traffic and travel nightmares, arriving with suitcases in tow. She however wasted no time and jumped straight into talking to us about her line without looking the least bit flustered.

May talked us through each and every product she has created - I'm pretty sure she managed to sneak in a 'this is my absolute favourite' for each and every product, so who knows which is her true favourite ;) I have a small clip below from my Instagram of her talking about The Problem Solver (MY fave!), she's so very enigmatic and I swear I could have listened to her for triple the two hours the event ran for without so much as a peep.
Afterwards we had a little Q&A session and May answered a lot of questions about ingredients, specifically how and where she sources them from, the difficulties she has faced when trying to get her hands on some, even having to change the formula of her products before they were released as she couldn't guarantee always being able to source the best of the best for specific ingredients. She also talked about how she very much knows her products are expensive and an investment, everything about them is special (right down to the packaging which took 2 years to get right!) and ritualistic. Using a May Lindstrom product is about making even the most boring daily cleansing routine turn into a blissful moment just for you, something you will look forward to day after day. Something you will crave.
We also cheekily asked her about any new products (and THAT pink mask from many moons ago on her Instagram) there will be no pink mask folks - it wasn't perfect to May's standards, though I'm willing to bet we would have all adored it! There is also a miniature kit coming sometime soon - and I saw on Alexia Inge's Instagram a few days ago that she got to see some upcoming products (they look like oils/serums?! perfume?? who knows) Very secretive. I'm not sure why she didn't tell us loud-mouthed bloggers about them, I can keep a secret...

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And then we have my haul! Sadly I didn't get to purchase anything on the night as the queue was massive with quite a slow checkout process and the event had already ran over by half an hour, so I needed to get going! There was an amazing gift with purchase on too but I couldn't justify spending anywhere near that amount! I was pretty close to splurging on The Jasmine Garden, but I'm going to wait until I've used up my Olivine Love & Roses mist first. Heck, I plan on trying everything from the range at least once, I just need to wait for my birthday and christmas to roll around each year for some of them ;) I also need to repurchase The Problem Solver soon, I'm dangerously low and starting to ration it from fear of running out! 

Instead I made an order a few days after I got home, after much deliberation and asking the folks over at content for advice I chose a new eyeliner; the W3LL PEOPLE Hypnotist liner which I can confirm is buttery soft and beautiful. 
I also repurchased my favourite John Masters shampoo for soothing my scalp issues. One use of this and I could literally feel my scalp saying thank you.
I also added a travel size of the Less Is More Elderflower Salt Spray as I've been wanting to try this for a long time now and see how if salt spray can bring a little bit of style to my boring locks. So far so good - it's pretty potent stuff and I have to be careful to over-crisp my hair, oops. 

And that's it! 
Have you tried anything from the May Lindstrom line?