The amount of time it took me to put together this wishlist graphic is just embarrassing. Who knew the art of arranging a sofa, clock and plant pot could be so stressful. Who knows what will happen when I have to do it for real. Chaos.

I have unrealistic expectations (and expensive taste) when it comes to my future dream home, it's going to be beautiful, very chic, very minimalist with my dream statement blue sofa, pretty decor, white walls in a few rooms (furious on-going battle with the boyfriend on that one) but still having a cosy atmosphere and plenty of clever storage to hide all of those Xbox cables. We all like to take inspiration from dat gh0stparties decor dream, but I'm pretty sure I will never have the skills Kate does, or a huge flat in Glasgow with dreamy windows and beautiful floorboards. A girl can dream.
We're getting a car in the next few weeks (finally!!!) so all of our money is going on that for a while and I just see no room for a crazy sofa purchase when we ideally need to move and refresh all of our drab second hand/super cheap furniture, we really need a new bedroom set, a sofa and TV stand! They're the main things right now, but again... gotta move first. And save up, apparently dreamy blue sofa's aren't cheap?! who knew.

The sofa above is the Orson from I've wanted it for as long as I can remember. And I bet by the time I can afford it they discontinue it, ha! ;) Michael really wants a corner sofa, which the Orson has a variation of luckily, though I don't think it looks quite as nice.
I also really love these little, extortionately priced marble and copper side tables from Oliver Bonas. I'm probably going to see if I can get hold of a marble table top from eBay and DIY a side table or coffee table, depending on how big it is. Again, when we move.

For our future bedroom I really like these dinky little copper table lamps from Tesco of all places, and only £15. Perhaps I should buy them now! I think our bedroom will have a darker colour scheme, maybe purple.
One last little copper accessory I love is this wall clock from Made. Just a hint of metallic, I like.

I have a little white and metallic collection of plant pots going on on my windowsill and I really like this H&M number with the gold stripe. It seems quite big so I think it would hold a little fern or aloe plant well. Speaking of gold I really need this gold tray, not sure why, but I do. Maybe to hold some beauty bits and bobs on my non-existent dressing table. This dream home in my head sure is pretty you guys.

LASTLY I have fallen for this flamingo print by artist Suzie Wright. It would look great on my (once again) currently non-existent but so totally going to happen ONE DAY art wall, or in the bathroom. One of the two.

What do you think of my home picks?