My Macbook is finally fixed, all is well in [my] world once again and I have SO MUCH to blog about, get excited! I quite enjoyed my time off and really didn't miss my laptop as much as I thought I would, it was a mini at-home holiday, bliss! But now let's get serious.. I been shoppin'

All of this was purchased nearly a month ago now so I've had some time to play around with everything and even mention my favourite item in a blog post or two already!

From Naturisimo...
I picked up the Acorelle Hair Growth Minimizer Deodorant (so, so glam) which at the time was 40% off. I quite like this, though it's probably too soon to tell if it actually works yet. It's definitely a very 'natural' deodorant though as it doesn't stop you sweating. I also added a few samples to my order, the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask and the Suki Transformative Purifying Masque. I've used the Suki mask up and it was pretty bad, you only get 1ml in the sachet which for a face mask isn't even enough to cover half of my face. The formula is very thin and liquid-like so I thought it would spread easily, and it did, but still there was only enough to cover my chin, one cheek and a bit of my forehead, and I have a pea head!

From BeautyBay...
I ordered my current favourite makeup item, the Alima Pure Concealer, which I've already mentioned and declared my love for in a previous post. It's got incredible coverage and is a perfect colour match. I also added the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (28 pads) to my cart as I've been looking for a gentle acid exfoliator to add to my routine for a while now to help with congestion and skin turnover. The ingredients list is pretty great, I can tell what everything is so I wasn't afraid to purchase even if I wouldn't consider FAB to be a particularly 'green' brand.

From Amazingy...
Lastly, I made a sneaky order from Amazingy. I purchased their sample kit, which is 7 euros for 5 samples and free shipping! Perfect for trying out hard to find or expensive products. In my sample kit I ordered two YULI Cell Perfecto PM Samples, YULI Pure Mask, the MUN Rose Toner and Tata Harper's Concentrated Brightening Serum. My main reason for buying the kit was to try YULI's Cell Perfecto Serum which I have read nothing but rave reviews for and am seriously considering saving up to splurge on. It's a miracle worker for acne scars and actually healing the pock marks and dents left behind by serious cystic acne. I have used up one of my sample sizes of this so far and have been very impressed *gulp*. I also received a konjac sponge and a sample sachet of a Tata Harper Cleanser with my order! So lovely.

And that's all she bought!

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