I don't know about you, but I very rarely make it to the end of a beauty product. I test too many products and swap and change out my routine so often that things get pushed to the back for the next thing to be tested. This doesn't mean I don't really like the product, it just means I'm a busy gal with lots of serums and only one face. I also find that sometimes after the initial "OMG this is amazing!!" hype has worn away, I'm not really loving the results, or finish, or whatever. But that's blogger hype for ya. I try only to give something my OMG approval if I actually finish it or am still using it months later with every intention to finish it.

I have a number of products here today that I've gathered up to share with you that fit into the categories above, either their hype wore off, I got bored or they just aren't a good fit for me anymore. The products themselves are all fine, I would still recommend them, but they no longer get any use from this beauty addict.

Lily Lolo Liner. This has been my favourite liner for the past year now, but only really because I didn't have any other eyeliners in my possession to test it against. It lasts well, was black as black can be and never irritated my waterline. I'm simply giving up using this now as I really want to spread my liner wings and try some new ones!

100% Pure Tinted Moisturiser. I stopped using this at the end of last summer because my skin had it's mother of all freak outs and hasn't been the same since. Back when my skin was good I really liked the feel and finish of this product, it was hydrating and evened out my complexion nicely. I may give it another go this summer as my skin is beginning to improve, but no promises!

Aurelia Revitalise & Glow Serum. I used up about 3/4 of this serum, so I don't feel I wasted it, but I also didn't see much, if any difference in my skin whilst using it. It hydrated nicely but I think it was more suited to dry, normal skin types and not my problem skin, it just wasn't potent enough to deal with my oily acne prone skin.

RMS 'Un-Coverup'. This little pot is way past its recommended use-by date by now, but it still seems perfectly fine! I really don't know how I feel about this concealer, it's coconut oil based and really creamy with great coverage, but it's always been too yellow for my skin and I've always had a suspicion that coconut oil breaks me out. It's time for me to give it up and say goodbye. If my skin ever clears up I may re-purchase in the new lighter shade, we'll see.

Bee Good Honey & Wild Flax Moisturiser. I really liked this moisturiser at first, it has a really light texture that felt great on my skin, it sunk in easily and mattified my skin. However some of the ingredients were a little off-putting for me personally and I didn't like that it contained shea butter and beeswax, two ingredients that my easily congested skin are better off avoiding with daily use. It's a lovely, affordable moisturiser for normal skin though!

Have you ever fallen for blogger hype and then fallen out of love?