Having worn glasses every day for about 15+ years now I like to think I have mastered applying my makeup whilst having slightly blurry vision. Peering at yourself in the mirror and finding you're getting closer and closer to it whilst you try and draw on your liner is always fun. 
I recently got some new specs and thought I would show you my fanciest eye makeup look to date whilst showing off my new glasses too! It's really a win-win for us all. 

It's actually pretty hard to show off your eye makeup at a flattering angle for you without having your eyes full on closed, so please trust me when I say there IS some eyeshadow on my eyes, and eyeliner too, its just the slight tilt of my head and the frames get in the way ;)

To start I colour corrected and concealed underneath my eyes with Haut's Pink Brightener & Alima Pure's Concealer in 'Sand', I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush to blend my concealer and dust any leftover onto my eyelids too. 
I then used 100% Pure's Fruit Pigmented Satin Eyeshadow in 'Bali' for the first time ever all over my lid and fell in love. It feels amazing, a very cool silky cream to powder formula. The colour is a pretty simple nude shade with a silver shimmer running through it. Very pretty, I'll be wearing it on it's own to brighten the eyes from now on. 
I then used the Jane Iredale Getaway Palette which is so, so pretty (and in rose gold packaging!) it's one of my favourite makeup items right now. I applied the largest colour 'Fresh air' into the corner of my eyes with my finger and then took a fluffy brush to apply the taupe shade 'Footprints' all over my lid and blending it softly into the crease. To then add a little more definition I used the golden shade 'Tea on the Porch' (such cute names) and blended it very very lightly into the outer corner and in the crease a little. Finally I used the black shade 'Starry Night' to line above my lashes with a wet angled brush.

Then it was just a case of mascara (Kjaer Weis) and brows (100% Pure) and my eyes were complete! This is about as fancy as I get with my eye makeup as I'm not sure it's always worth the effort when you can't really see it all! For my day to day I stick with a little eyeliner on my waterline to make my eyes appear smaller and more in proportion (my lenses magnify my eyes - if yours shrink the size of your eyes you can use white/flesh toned liner to make your eyes appear bigger).

Now onto my glasses! I was kindly sent this pair to review from SmartBuyGlasses and they just so happen to be the first pair of designer glasses that I've ever owned. I feel so swish. I chose these Ray-Ban Highstreet frames in this nice tortoise shell and purple colour combo, they come in a slighter smaller petite size for my little head too which is amazing. Since 'growing up' I've had such a pain trying to find glasses that fit my face and dont swallow my head. My last pair were from the teen section and were the best of a bad bunch so I'm really excited to have a new pair, I know a lot of people swap frames like their shoes but I prefer to find a pair I love and stick with them for as long as I can.  
If you're looking for some new glasses then definintely check out SmartBuyGlasses, they have SO MANY brands and lots of choices that you can't even get on the highstreet too. Delivery was speedy and they came well protected with some thoughtful extras to take care of your glasses for a long time to come. 

What do you think of my new frames?