Okay - bear with me. I know you're thinking "Blasphemy!" but, I've been doing this for a few weeks now (not every weekend if I really have a lot of work to do) and it's pretty magical.

There's something so freeing about leaving the laptop closed for two whole days, it's like a big breath of fresh air when you've been in the world's stuffiest room for what feels like your whole life. Now, if you don't spend your life on a computer like me, then this post is probably redundant - if escaping to your computer is your thing, then by all means! But for me I've been trying really hard to separate work and actual life life lately, and not spend 9am - 10pm attached to this silver box every single day, working from home I've gotten into such a bad habit with not having any separation.
I still keep up with social media, I tweet, I instagram and read the odd blog post on the bloglovin app (lifesaver!) via my phone, but to me those aren't work, they're just being social and they don't even involve my laptop.
You may have noticed I haven't blogged as consistently for the past month or two, but I've been working on a few other things, having a LIFE and taking some time to myself. I felt burnt out and I think the time away has really helped, not stressing about posts, emails, and what have you. But! I was still spending all my time on my laptop, just not being productive - just wasting hours doing anything BUT work, even though I would tell myself constantly to start typing and then end up feeling more and more guilty when I didn't.

I have a really hard time self-motivating myself. I can read blog posts for hours on how to motivate yourself, how to work alone, how to complete your to-do list etc. etc. but they're all just empty words if you don't have the motivation to push yourself and actually Get. Shit. Done. (I'm working on it!)

Since working harder to separate myself from my laptop I have been feeling GREAT. I turn my laptop on when Michael goes to work & I turn it off again when he gets home. Simple as that. I'm still figuring out how not to get distracted whilst on the laptop part, if I use any of those apps or programs that block the internet I end up getting frustrated and go and clean or turn Netflix on for some 'background noise' (a.k.a watching Netflix) but I can already notice I am more productive with these set hours on my laptop, regardless of the distractions. I've actually been completing my to-do lists and have finally gotten back to blogging every other day (in case you didn't notice!!) as well as getting on with all the other bits and bobs that I busy myself with.

SO. If you're wanting to be more productive? Take some time away from your laptop. It sounds counter productive, but it works!