I didn't put up a monthly favourites last week as all my favourites have been consistent for a while now, however I do have a few things that I've been enjoying the past few weeks/days to share with you. I love writing my five faves posts, and this sure is a good un! ...

Mysterious Orange Serum - This beautiful serum was custom blended (!!!) for me by the wonderful Mia of Noer Organics to help me with my acne scarring. It's a super lightweight liquid serum that sinks into my skin with ease. I've been applying a thin layer to the areas I need every night and have seen a real difference on one side of my face (sadly the other half has a few small active cysts and super deep purple scars, so that will take way longer). I'm really pleased with the results and am worried about running out!

MAKE Feet Revive - This Lime, Lemon & Lavender foot cream has been a real savior since I got back off of holiday. My feet were needing some serious SOS after so much walking around in sandals and I remembered I had this little jar tucked away. The cream is quite thick but has really nice slip and melts into the skin easily. It contains avocado and apricot oils to really moisturise as well as beeswax to lock it all in.

ILIA Arabian Knights - I PROMISE one day I will write a full review on this lip conditioner (and ILIA Jump, too!) with swatches on my lips and everything. This is one of my favourite berry shades and I go through phases of applying it daily to putting it back in my makeup bag for a few weeks. It feels gorgeous on the lips and it the perfect amount of colour for someone who is pretty afraid of lipstick (that's me).

Miskin Organics Deep Cleansing Mask - This unique clay mask from Miskin Organics (a beautiful Australian brand that I have a full review of coming soon!) is a really lovely blend of kaolin and rhassoul clays, plus oat and rice flours, rose petal powder, matcha green tea and MSM [methylsulfonylmethane - a sulphur compound that is amazing for healing skin]. It's deeply cleansing yet still feelings very nourishing and light - not tight or drying - on the skin thanks to the added ingredients. I have tried a lot of clay masks but never one like this, I love it!

SkinOwl Geranium Beauty Drops - SkinOwl recently launched in the UK on Cultbeauty (can I get a hallelujah!?) and I couldn't be more excited. Their main line of beauty drops haven't landed yet, but you can pick up their new mangosteen PM drops, eye + and the body oil. The beauty drops will be following soon. I have had this little mini bottle for months and months, tucked away unopened waiting for the day they would launch over here as I knew it would be happening eventually (my bottle it the old packaging and name!). Finally, I could open my little bottle up and I've been loving life. Argan oil is one of my favourite skincare ingredients, it just gets me, so it's a no-brainer that I adore this argan & geranium oil. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with facial oils, but if I had to pick just one, Argan would be the one.

What have you been loving lately?

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