I recently received this beautiful bouquet of peonies and couldn't resist taking snaps of them nearly every 30 seconds or so as they're just stunning. I also have an amazing discount for you from Debenhams Flowers... so read on!

Oh peonies! you're all so pretty! If only you were easier to get a hold of and not quite so seasonal... 
I was recently contacted by the lovely people over at Debenhams Flowers who offered to send me a beautiful bouquet from their summer collection to review. Of course I said yes! please! Who doesn't want to gaze at fresh flowers all day, they really brighten a place up. 
They have a gorgeous selection to choose from, but I decided to be a typical blogger and go for their simplest bouquet of pink peonies*. I didn't mean to be such a stereotypical blogger in my choice, but I really do adore this flower. They're so difficult to get hold of where I live (classed as a city APPARENTLY, but you would never know as we don't even have a Wagamamas or Space NK) and last year I failed in my search entirely to pick up a bunch! I wasn't going to let this opportunity float by. Bring on the peonies!! 

I've never had flowers delivered by post before so wasn't sure how they would arrive, but it took less than 24 hours and they arrived beautifully presented and carefully suspended inside a box so that not even a single flower would get damaged, very clever. 
It's been a week since they arrived now and the bunch is still going strong! I only had to throw away one flower this morning that was looking particularly dry and sad now as it had been in full bloom all week. 

If you're looking for an extra special bouquet for yourself or as a gift for someone (they have fathers day gifts too!) then I would highly recommend Debenhams Flowers. They have free next day delivery on some and free chocolates. Perfect. 

Debenhams have kindly offered my readers 25% off too, simply use the code DFBLOG25 at checkout for your discount to work! 

Do you treat yourself to fresh flowers?