Okay, so it's currently midnight on Sunday (technically Monday) and I should have written this hours ago because we have to be up at 4am (YES, A.M.) to set off for the airport. Boy, am I going to regret this in four hours. 
In an effort to keep this short and sweet I'm not going to go into too much detail about the products I'm taking with me and let the photo's speak for themselves. 

First up is the none liquid products that don't need to be stuffed into a very unflattering plastic bag. 
I have the latest Limited Edition Jane Iredale Eye Palette, the Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation in Bisque, a Jane Iredale Pressed Foundation in Golden... something (I can't remember right at this second) I wanna say 'Glow' It makes a nice bronzer for ghostie over here. Some eyelash curlers, tweezers, bobby pins and my sunglasses, plus, a necklace. Oh and the RMS 'Un' Powder - a staple in the heat and the Clean Embrace Polishing Powder from Noer Organics. 

And now onto skincare, everything is just so tiny and perfectly travel sized - I love it. I'm taking: Noer Organics Cleansing Balm, A tiny Sepai Makeup Remover, Bee Good Cream Cleanser, R.L. Linden & Co Thousand Petals Beautifying Mist, Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial oil, a secret orange serum from Noer Organics, and finally, the Sepai SPF 15 Eye Cream.

For hair & body I'm taking sachets of Rahua Voluminous (such generous sachets I always get two uses from) & NATU haircare. The travel sized Prtty Peaushun for the illusion of tanned legs in an instant, some hand sanitizer and toothpaste, standard.

Makeup was definitely the hardest to narrow down, I tried to take about 5 lipsticks with me, but I reigned it in... just. First I have the RMS un coverup and W3LL People Narcissist which both make great concealer. Samples of RMS Living Luminizer & Kjaer Weis 'Lovely' cream blush. RMS Sacred Lip Shine, Jane Iredale Just Peachy Lip & Cheek Stain and a Burts Bee's Lip Tint. I also have Lily Lolo Liner, Kjaer Weis Mascara & the 100% Pure Brow Gel. Plus all of the powder products I mentioned earlier... overkill? perhaps but you never know what you're going to need.

And that's it! I've tasked my boyfriend with carrying all of our sunscreen as he literally only needs shampoo and deodorant. Omg! I've forgotten to pack that! I guess staying up this late to write this post was worth it after all ;)

Make sure you're following me on Instagram 'FragmentedSplendour' for my holiday snaps. I've decided not to take my SLR camera but luckily the iPhone 6 has a pretty great camera so I'll have plenty to blog about when I'm home on Friday!

How do you handle travelling hand luggage only? Are you an over-packer or 'basics only' kind of gal (or guy!)