Remember when everyone used to blog about their latest instagram updates on a Sunday? Where did that go? Another indicator of how much blogging has changed, no, evolved over the past few years! Instagram is still my favourite social media platform, I just love being able to share snippets of my life without having to set to writing a whole blog post!

I haven't really written a personal post in a while or used my big SLR to capture any fancy snaps of what's been going on. Truthfully I'm a big homebody and adventure isn't always possible, especially when your city is as boring as mine and we're busy saving every penny for a car. I'd love to move somewhere else in the next few years, London was always the dream but now, realistically, I don't see that happening (rent is horrifying compared to what we pay now - the stuff of nightmares!) Whilst is is still my favourite city I'd be happy with elsewhere too, really though, anywhere with a Wagamamas would be fantastic ;)

When I'm not busy taking pictures of Penny (seriously, that's like half of my day) we're getting ready for our trip to BARCELONA which is in under 2 weeks now! It's been almost 3 years since my last holiday and many more for Michael, plus this is our first holiday TOGETHER! I think it's way overdue and something we really need. It's just five days but I couldn't be more excited! We haven't planned too much of what we're going to do (hello there's like 4 sephora's I need to find) equal parts beach chilling and exploring the city I think. Michael has been googling where to get the best burger in Barcelona and I'm pretty sure we'll end up hunting it down at all costs ha! If you have any tips or recommendations of where to go & what to do... please send them my way!
We're also travelling hand-luggage only so look out for a blog post on all the beauty bits I manage to cram into one 8x8 inch bag ;)

In other news I've been working on a secret project, okay so it's not really secret but I don't want to chat about it for now until I can be sure I'm actually going to go ahead and make it happen. It's something creative and fun and I've been thinking about it for a long time but not been confident enough of my skills to go ahead... mysterious but maybe you've already figured out what I'm talking about?! ;)

How are lovely lot anyway? Let's talk in the comments! x