This week has gone by in such a blur! I've been feeling overwhelmed and a little worried about our trip to Barcelona come Monday. This is the first time I've been abroad without my parents to plan everything and even though I'm going with my boyfriend he is literally no help whatsover and extremely disorganised. Men, huh.

For my faves this week I have quite the mix! I've been wearing as little makeup as possible and trying to let my skin do it's thing and heal itself the hell UP. As usual though I am a hormonal acne human time bomb and just shouldn't even bother.

The Fig & Yarrow Hair & Scalp Tonic saw some love this week as I've been feeling like my hair is really dull and needing some TLC. I would love to put some colour through it as I haven't for a few years now, I'd like to go lighter, just a tad and add a little warmth/ombre to the ends because I have the most boring brown hair. Luckily for now though the hair oil did a fine job at perking up my locks like usual. It's one of my favourite hair products and I need to find a way to get myself a new bottle as I have just one use left (mine is a mini size!).
Another perky product I've been loving is Organii's Peach Shower Gel. I am blown away by how delicious this smells, like peach juice, it's addicting. I was also surprised by how affordable the Organii range is, the shower gel costs just £5.95 which seems on the pricy end of shower gels but if you're into natural beauty products you'll know it's pretty cheap!

As for skincare, the one product that stood out for me this week was my Holiskin Rose & ACV Facial Toner. I recently made a little Holiskin order when I saw an amazing offer on and picked up his infamous scar serum too. I had to pay customs which ruined my excitement for the parcel quite a bit but I'm glad I bought them! I've wanted to incorperate ACV into my skincare for ages but didn't fancy buying a big bottle just yet so this is perfect, plus my skin loves rose water.
I was also recently sent a beautiful little parcel of goodies from Miskin Organics which you may have seen on instagram. I haven't tried the skincare yet as I don't want to try anything else new before we go away, I have however been slathering on the Chocolate & Honey Lip Balm like a crazy person. Yep, chocolate! It has a wonderful silky formula that feels just right on the lips and it has been really helping to nourish and keep away dry flaky patches.

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