I'm sharing two new-to-me (and hopefully you, too) beauty brands today! 
As usual both were discovered through Instagram, it's a treasure trove for green beauty, my favourite way to find new brands and people to follow is by browsing the #greenbeauty or #greenbbloggers hashtags!
First up is Om Aroma & Co.
I've been following this brand for a little while now & fall a little more in love with the more I learn! This is (sadly) a USA based brand so not too easy for us to get hold of here in the UK. 
Founded by Angela Jai Kim after she experienced a severe allergic reacting to a chemical-laden beauty product (sadly, isn't that always the way! but at least we get so many beautiful eco-friendly brands emerging from these experiences) Angela then spent time developing the perfect formulas from natural and organic ingredients... and whaddya' know, Om Aroma & Co was born! 
Standout products for me include the Cinnamon Arnica Body Oil, so unique and perfect for aching muscles as arnica is such a wonder ingredient. The Manuka Honey Mask is an obvious choice for this honey mask fiend, it's packed with fruit and herb extracts to really boost the effects of the honey, too. Lastly, the Pearl Cleansing Cream sounds like something extra special, with rose water, champagne grape seeds and actual powdered mother of pearl to polish and refine skin in the most gentle way possible. 
I think we can expect big things to come from this brand and have already noticed it popping up more and more on blogs. I can't wait to see what they do next (launch in the UK/Europe hopefully ;)).

Secondly we have Flora Apothecary.
I have fallen in love with the look of the elixirs from the brand! something about seeing the oil & water separation is really cool to me, & I know then that no emulsifiers have been added too! There are three elixirs to try, all the with the same base formula but different added ingredients and essential oils for different skin types. I think all three sound lovely to be honest so I couldn't possibly choose, just take a look yourself.
The rest of the line is pretty small, with some body and lip scrubs, soap and a candle or two. I will keep my eye on this range to see what's next!

Have you heard of either of these brands?