I'm currently suffering with some serious post-holiday depression, I definitely function better when there's sunshine, that's for sure. I can't believe our trip to Barcelona was over so quickly, we only stayed Monday-Friday but it felt like about 12 hours max, though it was still bliss (even if it did rain). I thought I would relive the experience and share all the pictures I took. I'm splitting the posts into two, the first being what we got up to and the second being some of the awesome places we ate, because food is my jam and that's basically all we spent our money on!

BEWARE. Photo heavy post ahead!

Day One
We arrived at about lunch time and had quite the journey to our hotel, getting lost and confused when we had to change lines on the metro, what fun! We made it safe and sound however and after a quick lie down on the softest bed ever we were up and back into the city! We got the metro to Urquinaona and wandered around the area without a destination in mind, luckily however we stumbled across the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia which was simply stunning in the sunshine.

From there we ended up walking to the top half of La Rambla and hunting down a Sephora! my first ever. It was so so overwhelming and nothing was to my green beauty taste so we left pretty sharpish (I did return later in the week to pick up a makeup brush though) After a little more wandering about into shops we stopped off for our tea of tapas and pizza, and then exhausted after being up since 4am we headed back to the hotel (stopping for gelato obv). Not wanting to waste the rest of the day completely though we made sure to wander down to the beach later on to catch the sunset and have a little wander. 

 Day Two.

The weather wasn't so nice on Tuesday, it rained for most of the day - nothing major though and it didn't put us off exploring. We started the day getting off of the metro at Barceloneta and walking our way along to the bottom of La Rambla, from there we walked up to check out the infamous Boqueria Market and were blown away with the stalls that looked like displays of art. 

(I took the above picture of the entrance to the market on Thursday when we walked past - in case you were wondering about the sunshine!)
We did a lot of wandering about on Tuesday and ended up exploring more of the Gothic Quarter which was just beautiful - we walked SO much every day, about 20km according to my phone. We also walked up to the Museum of Contemporary Art but it was CLOSED, pretty much the story of our week, our timing was terrible and we kept forgetting to check opening times and what days things were open.
We got back to the hotel around 7 and searched trip advisor for somewhere close by to eat, which lead us to discover only the greatest little empanada place ever. Muns. We got the food to take out and of course it torrential rained on our walk back to the hotel and we were drenched. I could have just jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed and still not of been as wet. Those empanadas were worth it though.

Day Three.

Wednesday was all about seeing the Sagrada Familia, and wow talk about breathtaking, even whilst it's still a work in progress! The sun poked it's head through the cloud briefly whilst we were there too which was lovely. We got lunch at a little ramen place nearby and then headed off on the metro to Camp Nou for Michael to see. We were going to do the whole tour and museum thing but he didn't want to spend the money, silly boy! I really wanted him to go inside, but he refused. Men. So instead we got churros and headed back into the centre of the city.

We decided to go and explore the giant Parc de la Ciutadella and stumbled across Barcelona's very own arc de triomf in the process. The park itself was also lovely but we were pretty exhausted after so much walking that we just sat on a bench enjoying the view and resting our feet. After that we went out for tea and then headed to the hotel!

Day Four.

Our final day was the best and busiest. The sun finally came out to play and we packed as much in as humanly possible, regardless of aching feet. We started with breakfast as the most amazing little restaurant - pink lemonade and pancakes - before walking down to Bogatell beach and having a little lounge about, it was so windy but if you led down in the sand for a lil' sunbathing you could feel the heat properly. I'm obsessed with being warm, clearly.
We then walked along the beach aaaaall the way to Montjuic Park and climbed up the hill to ride the cable car back down and have a truly amazing view of the city. I took about 8000 pictures on the way down.
After that adventure we headed for lunch, wandered about some more, had crepes, wandered some more and then sadly headed back to the hotel (not before stopping off at Muns for more empanadas before we left!) to pack up. My feet were killing after only wearing sandals for the past two days - my vans were still soaked from the rain! so even though I didn't want to leave I literally couldn't take another step!

And that's all she wrote!

I feel like we did so much in those four days, we saw so much of the city and ticked most things off of the bucket list. There's only so much you can do in four days whilst still trying have a relaxing holiday and not be on the go 24/7.

Barcelona you sure are beautiful and we hope to visit you again some day as there's still so much to see... we didn't even get to visit Park Guell! Next time...