I can't believe it's been over six months now that we've had Penny! (see her 'intro' post here) She is an integral part of our little family now and we are still as obsessed with her as the day she moved in.

She's ever such a character and has really come out of her shell in the past few months. She's as vocal and mischievous as ever, creating havoc wherever she goes, but she's also slowly becoming more affectionate and daring, sleeping on my chest at night and sitting on our laps during the day.
She absolutely loves playing with screwed up wrappers, purposefully knocking things over, climbing into drawers and sunbathing to top up that tan. We missed her so much whilst we were on holiday that we found ourselves talking about her all the time, crazy cat people? for sure. Michael still claims he's more of a dog-person but he doesn't ever leave this cat alone so I think he's just hiding his true feelings to look more macho... Don't tell him I said that.

Having a cat has been a challenge for sure and has been a hell of a lot more expensive than we ever thought.. seriously, we could have bought a car with what we've spent on her! She's had a few expensive trips to the vets to have injections and check-ups as well as getting a mouth ulcer and needing medicine and THEN needing her teeth cleaned which involved a blood test and anesthetic all of which costs a fortune. We actually had to pay for her teeth this Friday - the day we got back off of holiday so that was a great way to be welcomed home, bye bye £270 ;) We're definitely going to be getting her insured ASAP now as we do actually need to buy a car, and having such huge vet bills really sets us back! Is this what having actual children is like...? I've heard they're way more expensive so perhaps we'll just stick with the cat for now ;)

Have you got any pets? I actually made penny an Instagram account so you can see a few videos of her being extra silly here!

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