The Internet is a fantastic place, really. I love it. If you're a blogger, however, you'll know social media and sometimes blogging itself can become repetitive and tedious with the same little tasks that need completing day after day. If you're not a blogger, there are one or two tools here that could really help you, too - students or anyone writing for a living especially!

The web apps I've picked and use daily are ones that save me time, embarrassment (hello, spelling) and let me get on with blogging without having to worry too much about the nitty gritty.

My most recent discovery but one that has changed my spelling and grammar game is Grammarly. Nobody has perfect spelling, especially when typing fast. I find myself making a lot of mistakes when trying to get out a huge chunk of text that's bursting out of my fingertips onto the keyboard (ew, what?). Grammarly takes the tedious right clicking away from you and shows you your mistakes and offers corrections up with just your mouse hovered over the work. It underlines spelling errors in red and grammatical errors in green - so you never have to worry about that sort of stuff again!

Not technically a tool, but where would I be without Spotify? probably talking to myself in a dark room somewhere. I find myself easily distracted if I put Netflix on in the background so a little music is a must to break the silence and tap tap tap of the keyboard, I've never paid for the free version yet - but maybe one day soon as it would be nice not to have the adverts.

I have a love-hate relationship with buffer - it's so so handy to use but they keep updating it and changing it with more options to and reasons to make you pay for the upgraded version. Like they're slowly but surely pushing you to the edge of the cliff to pay up or pack it in.
If you're not familiar with Buffer it allows you to schedule tweets, facebook posts and now your Pinterest pins so you can stay present and active on social media without even being there. You can only schedule 10 things in advance (without paying for membership) but it's still great to get a days tweets out of the way in the morning and be on your way.

I feel like I don't use Ifttt anymore, but I do, daily, without even realising it. Ifttt (meaning: if this, then that) allows you to set up "recipes" to automate certain things, so for example I have a recipe set up so that whenever I publish a blog post a link and image are uploaded to my blogs' facebook page. I also have one set up for tweeting a link to the blog post and also posting my instagram images straight to twitter. I set these recipes up months ago now and they're so handy and require no thought or attention now on my part, amazing!

Do you have any handy tools that help you blog?