I am two days late posting my monthly favourites and I hate it! I usually like to post it on the very last day of the month or not bother at all, seems slightly OCD but that's the way I like it. I had the picture edited and half of the post written but I've just been so busy it slipped my mind to finish it up before bam! the month was over already! 
I am so excited for April, mainly because it means next month we're going on holiday! Have I mentioned it yet? I don't think so... but we're off to Barcelona for a few days in May! I am very excited as I've never been & can't wait for some proper sunshine, to walk along the beach, eat lots of lovely food and explore a new city.

Anyway on to my faves...

Instagram. Yes, just instagram, I have been loving this app more and more lately and love creating a pretty collection of images on my page. You can follow me here if you like or search 'fragmentedsplendour' when on the app! 

Leahlani Skincare Pua Lei Perfume Oil. I have greatly warmed up to this exotic floral scent, it is so unusual, at first I wasn't so sure but now I find myself dabbing it on my wrists even when I'm just sat at my laptop all day.

Noer Organics Atelier Nourishment Facial Elixir. This tiny vial of golden oil is my new favourite for calming, hydrating and giving my usually red, inflamed cheeks a little bit of a glow. Just two drops in the evening leave my skin visibly smoother and softer come morning and I can see my skin improving little by little each day. The ingredients are just delicious too, baobab, broccoli seed, strawberry, moringa and barbary fig oils are just a few you will find here. 
I am so excited by this brand new range and have something wonderful coming soon to share with you... so be on the lookout for more from Noer Organics here! 

CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture. I had a small flare up of perioral dermatitis this month, but luckily remained calm as I knew just how to treat this devil in disguise. Avoid oil and exfoliation on the area and keep well hydrated. Within 4 days it was barely visible thanks to Calming Moisture applied every few hours, this is no small feat as just two years ago I suffered with this for months and months at a time without knowing how best to treat it.   

Calligraphy. My last fave this month has been beginning to re-learn calligraphy! I've had my supplies for years and even had a proper traditional set a long long time ago but never fully gave it my all and learnt how to write in script. I'm learning modern calligraphy and it is so relaxing and addictive. I've had to relocate my laptop for work as my desk is occupied with all of my supplies 24/7 now (need a bigger desk!).

What have you been loving this month?