In an effort to be more savvy with my pennies I thought making my own almond butter would be top of the list, especially when I often tuck into a jar straight up with a spoon.

Alas, this experiment did not fare me so well as I spent about £8 on the almonds altogether. I bought a small bag of organic almonds for about £2.50 thinking I'd just make a small batch as an experiment. Fail. You need lots of almonds to make almond butter, not just a few, it simply wont work. I then bought a bigger bag from holland and barretts for a fiver thinking yes, this time! There will be enough almonds! These almonds were half the size of the organic ones and I got one and a half cups worth from the bag, gah. Luckily it made just two cups with my left over organic almonds and it was just enough to make myself a batch!
The lesson of this story? Buy almonds in bulk from amazon, not H&B! I could have bought a 1kg bucket of meridian almond butter for just a few pounds more than what I spent making one and a half small jars.

But homemade tastes better right?
Well to be quite honest I can't taste a difference! I decided to make mine sweeter and more indulgent by adding maple syrup, not much, only a tablespoon or two and it completely changed the consistency, something I forgot about even though I read quite a few how-to's. It just made it stiffer and less creamy/runny, which isn't the end of the world really, it means you can spread it on toast real thick without it running off, bonus.

I thought I'd also point out that it didn't take me nearly as long to make my almond butter as most tutorials say it will, I definitely spent longer going back and forth taking pictures than blending. I have this blender by the way. It's pretty much the love of my life. I noticed the almonds turning buttery (3rd image) after about 2-3 minutes and had fully creamy almond butter a minute later! I had roasted the almonds for about 25 minutes beforehand at 120 degrees and let them cool quite a lot before blending. That's it!

I'm not sure if I'll make almond butter again after this, it's honestly just easier to buy Meridian Almond Butter which has just two ingredients: almonds and a little salt. I do have to say though that sticking your nose into the blender (when it's not blending obv) and inhaling that fresh roasted almond butter smell is out of this world.