When someone offers you something to help you clear up your nightmare skin, you say, uhhh YES PLEASE.

I hadn't heard of the Works With Water brand before or their Help: Clear Skin supplement but after a thorough browse of their site and reading up reviews through google it sounded promising and something I would want to try. Though let's be honest when your skin makes you cry regularly, you'll try anything.

So... What is it?
A dissolvable (tasteless!) powder that when taken daily helps to reduce blemishes by reducing bacteria responsible for skin imperfections.

What's in it?
Aloe Vera Extract
Zinc Gluconate
Oligofructose (soluble fibre extracted from chicory root)

Suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and anyone lactose intolerant. Gluten free.

How does it work?
Lactoferrin is a protein derived from milk that inhibits the growth of bacteria on our skin as well as being an anti-inflammatory and helping to reduce the size of any blemishes already formed. Aloe vera nourishes and smoothes skin and Zinc is a known skin healer.

Did it work?
I have now taken all 28 sachets of help: clear skin and have been pleasantly surprised with my skin! I had a few days here and there in between when I forgot to take a sachet but I don't think it made too much difference. If you read my blog you know I suffer from hormonal acne, regular acne and everything in between. From day one to day 28 my skin really improved, I would have taken a before & after picture for you but the scars are still there so you really can't tell the difference to be honest, but I can! My skin is less angry and all of my hormonal cysts disappeared. I can't say for sure if this was because of help: clear skin or the agnus castus I was taking by the bucket full too (great for balancing hormones) In the week I haven't been taking these sachets (but continuing with all my usual supplements for skin health) I have had 4 new spots pop up. FOUR. gross.

It's also worth mentioning the taste. There is none, not even a hint. I mix my sachet into clear, cold water in the morning and after a quick stir the water changed from cloudy back to crystal clear and tastes just like water. Trust me, I'm the first to complain when something tastes funky and this has no taste at all, pinky promise!

Would I use Help: Clear Skin again?
Yes! I'm a little put-off by how expensive it is for a 28 day course (just under £40) but you can buy 14 day supplies too.
They also have a new product being released soon Help: Beautify Skin which sounds promising too!