It's that time again! ...

True Nature Botanicals Pacific Face Mist - This is the old packaging and old, smaller size. It now comes in a 120ml size, amazing! I've had this face mist packed away for a few months so I wasn't tempted to use it while I used up others. But finally last week it was time! This beautiful mist contains green and white tea extracts, neroli hydrosol, vitamin-rich sea fennel and sea kelp, as well as kombucha and a blend of dreamy essential oils (tuberose, star jasmine and neroli for that signature scent). The mist is incredibly fine, you never feel like you're being splattered in the face with water and it perfectly preps and hydrates skin to follow with an oil, serum or moisturiser. It's also fine enough to use over makeup for a pick me up during the day as it doesn't disturb makeup at all.

Kjaer Weis Mascara - I am not much of a fan of mascara and am always on the hunt for that perfect one that will change my mind. I applied this twice last week and both times was pleasantly surprised at how it made my lashes look, adding both length and definition but not too much as to interfere with my glasses. I found it to smudge a little towards to the end of the day but I have a habit of rubbing my eyes at the slightest itch. More testing required! ;)

RMS Beauty Sacred Lip Shine - My favourite RMS Product to date, I just love the soft, glossy formula of these lip shines! I have 'Sacred', the vibrant red that is pictured and 'Royal' a pretty purple that I can only wear when I mix it with Sacred to create a beautiful bright fuschia colour. If I wear it on its own it does make me look a little bit dead. Yup. Sacred, however is a nice to change to use from my usual berry or purple/pink toned lip choices and is perfect for the sunny weather we're [finally] having!

Josh Rosebrook Oculus Formula - I am so pleased that we can get Josh Rosebrook products here in the UK now, and soon to be released for us is the very highly sought after Oculus Formula, an eye serum that I have read nothing but A* reviews for from my favourite American bloggers. Oculus is due to be released on the 1st May here and you can sign up for the waitlist on A Beautiful World already. The eye serum itself is incredibly light for an oil and is suitable for use during the day as it doesn't seem to make makeup slip around (but I would still set concealer with a powder). It's far too early for me to see any difference yet as I've only had this a few days but I wanted to mention it as I'm excited to see if this can help my forever purple under eye area.

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Rapid Radiance Mask - My final fave this week are the highly anticipated Pai face masks! The standout for me is surprisingly the moisturising rosehip mask (I thought the mask for blemish prone skin would automatically get top spot - but no!). The Rapid Radiance Mask is a thick, creamy mask that works in just 10 minutes to transform, dull, dry and sensitive skin into something you can be proud of. And it really works! I was so impressed from the moment I washed this mask off, not only was my skin left soft and moisturised but my complexion looked so much happier - my blemish scars (temporarily) looked less angry and everything looked a shade brighter. Like I'd taken photoshop to my face. The effects were, of course temporary like with any face mask but I feel with regular use my skin will really benefit from this dreamy treatment.