Quite a varied bunch this month!

I have been trying hard to take good care of my skin, especially as I started the month for the first time in (what feels like) forever without any active acne cysts. I obviously spoke too soon as a new monster appeared last week, but I'm hoping it won't leave such a brutal scar behind with the serum I'm currently testing. Also, I have to give myself and my skin some credit as just one or two cystic acne spots is way better than half of my face covered in them like a few months ago, progress!!

Anyway, onto the faves...

Noer Organics Cleansing Balm & The Nourishment Facial Elixir - I spoke about these in great depth in this post, so I feel there isn't much else to add to the table other than I still very much love them and am rationing the little samples I have for now. The pink balm is perfect for when my skin is feeling dry and in need or some serious TLC, whereas the elixir is a beautiful oil that really reduces redness in my skin and helps to leave it balanced and soft. (Make sure you enter my giveaway to win your own Noer Organics goodies!)

Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask - I have been reaching for this mask more and more lately because it just seems to give my skin everything it needs in one blast of superfood goodness. I can't thank the lovely Lauren enough for sending it to me in our swap! I have already talked about this mask on the blog before & have a full review coming up soon so I don't want to repeat myself again... but this honey, spirulina and sea buckthorn oil mask is oh so dreamy. Who knew spirulina could smell so good?

TNB Pacific Night Serum With Retinol (Sensitive) - I was super excited to learn that True Nature Botanicals were releasing a new version of their Night Serum with Retinol... but for sensitive skin! I have always been curious about retinol, especially recently, not because I think I'm getting wrinkles just yet and need to take action, but because it is so wonderful for fading pigmentation (aka acne scars!) and unclogging pores. The one thing that stopped me, however, was that most serums with retinol are very far from natural and organic and often can be quite harsh on the skin. True Nature Botanicals have developed this serum to use micro-encapsulated Vitamin A, meaning our skin will never be overloaded and only uses what it needs whilst easily discarding the rest, so I don't have to worry about any reactions at all.
I've used this about 5-7 times now over the past 2 weeks and can already see that it has made a difference to the darkest of scarring on my cheeks! I am so excited. The serum itself is pretty nourishing too and my skin is really improving with each and every use.

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever Peach - This gorgeous peach stain has been a firm favourite this month and makes a nice change from my usual berry pink shades. It almost feels like a lip balm and takes no effort to apply - you don't even need a mirror really. I find it lasts well and does stain the lips. It is quite a vibrant coral shade on my lips at first but fades nicely to a my-lips-but-a-little-more-vibrant kinda colour.

NATU Liberating Shampoo - I'm quite fussy when it comes to shampoo (okay, I'm fussy with everything) and find my scalp easily irritated by most that I try. I ran out of my favourite shampoo recently, John Masters Bare, and reached for this in desperation, having tried it previously and not been a fan. This time I used it without the matching conditioner though and fell in love with how light and swishy my hair felt afterwards, an instant winner in my books. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now without much issue and whilst I will still pick up a dedicated shampoo for my scalp troubles I love how this makes my hair feel.

What have you been loving this month? :)