It's time for an arty update! If you remember this post from a few weeks ago (if not - it's best to click through and have a super quick catch up!) I'm getting my creative juices flowing again by taking part in a blogger project called "the arty project" There were four of us when I wrote the post but now we have a bustling little group chat of 10! There is of course still time for you to join, you can join anytime you like, there aren't any rules... this is as relaxed as any blogger group could possibly be. We're all really nice, promise.

If you would like to join simply tweet me or zoe (@zonewlove) and we'll get you added to the group whatsapp chat to introduce you to the gang.

Since my last post I've been obsessively working on my calligraphy skills as this is the direction I want to take my work & hopefully create a beautiful illustrated quote for the deadline in June. I am still new to this art form and have already gotten myself into the habit of just winging it with my lettering instead of taking the time to craft my 'style'. I've already learnt a lot but have a long way to go, I didn't realise the level of patience required to create beautiful calligraphy and often find myself disappointed with my handiwork when it isn't as pretty as others'... (yet.)

Instagram has been a big inspiration and I browse the #moderncalligraphy hashtag daily for inspiration and help with how to form letters. I have also followed a whole host of calligraphers and am sharing my four favourites below! (yup, sadly the images below aren't my work!)

Hopefully for my next update post in a few weeks I will be able to share my incredibly messy sketchbook with you filled with ink splotches, lots of crossing out and the alphabet written again and again and again. Practice really does make perfect!

Also don't forget to check out the rest of the gang!
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