A different type of post today, but hold on, because I want YOU to get involved!

Blogging is such an amazing way of expressing your hidden creativity, even if you don't think you're creative I'm here to tell you... you ARE. Blogging is a platform to express your creativity in all sorts of different ways, from photography and writing to designing layouts, creating graphics, photo styling and editing.
Okay, sure we all know that, so where am I actually going with this?

A few weeks ago I responded to a tweet from Zoe about getting involved in a new art based project, I wasn't sure exactly what she meant but I was up for it regardless, as since graduating last year I've really let my creativity levels drop. I was severely burnt out after 4 years of studying art and am now ready to get back into creating something, anything. 
It turns out the tweet was the start of a new collaborative/community project involving bloggers who fancy being a little more creative. Simply put we have a set theme and we then have 2 months to come up with a finished piece of artwork, blogging about it along the way. It's very relaxed and we're all about encouragement and being a team!

Our first theme is: BEAUTY
Seeing as we're all beauty bloggers it only seemed fitting that the first theme be based on what we do best. It's of course open to interpretation and you can take it any which way you please. I already have ideas for where I'm going!

Deadline: JUNE 3rd-ish
We have two full months to build on our idea and create something we're proud of. You can approach this time however you see fit; filling a sketchbook, documenting your thought process on Instagram, writing a diary, blogging, making short videos, getting others involved or even just going straight for it and creating one piece straight off the bat.

Any and all mediums are excepted, of course, art can be and is everything and anything. If you're a photographer, a writer, a painter, videographer or mixed media artist (that's me!). You can participate. If you're not an artist or have never studied art you can STILL participate, we encourage it! Be brave and try something new!

Keep Updated
We'll be using the hashtag #ArtyProject on Instagram and twitter to stay connected and offer encouragement as well as blogging about our progress too, we have a plan of one post every two weeks, but if you don't have any updates to report then there's no need to worry. We also have a group Whatsapp chat going to keep up to date and communicate easily!

Who's involved?
There are four of us right now, but I foresee this being an amazing little community...

Zoe - Zoe Newlove
Vicky - Describe The Sky
Danielle - Danielle Bevan

Do YOU want to be involved?
Go on, I dare you ;) If you think this sounds like fun you can send me an email or tweet or just leave your email/twitter handle below and I will get in touch and then add you to the list above! You don't need any experience or any qualifications, just one small creative idea to get you started.