It is not often I fall in love with a lifestyle blog as much as I have with Wander To Wonder. Upon first discovery I spent approx 3 hours of my afternoon going through Miho's archives and reading about 3 million amazing restaurant reviews that left me seriously hangry! Oh how I wished I was a London girl. Mainly for the food. 
I've requested Miho take me on a food tour if I ever move to London - and she agreed, so I'm holding her to that as she knows all the best places ;) 
Hopefully you've seen the Wander to Wonder button in my sidebar this month and had a little click'n'explore session, but if not now is your chance to get to know Miho a little better and discover a new blog while you're at it...

Describe you & your blog in 1 sentence!
WTW is my little online scrapbook, a place where I write about the places I go, the food I eat, and share snippets of my life in London.

You spend a lot of time eating out and reviewing amazing restaurants, but which do you prefer, a comforting home-cooked meal or a fancy dining experience? ;)
This is a hard one - I do love to eat out (as shown by my extensive restaurants list!) and experience different places and cuisines, but to spend quality time with friends and loved ones, it would be a homemade meal in the comfort of my own (or their) home. Luckily for me, my husband is a fantastic cook which makes meals at home all the more favourable! 

If you really, really had to choose where would be your top 3 places to eat in LDN be?
For a truly luxurious fine dining experience, l'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. For Dim Sum and upscale Chinese (one of my favourite meals!), Yauatcha. At the other end of the spectrum, for a completely no fuss but delectable quick bowl of ramen, Kanada-Ya. By far the best ramen noodles I've had outside of Japan!

You have also travelled to some absolutely amazing places! Do you have any total bucket list destinations still left to explore? 
I definitely ticked off two of my ultimate bucket list locations when I went to Santorini and the Maldives. There are still so many places I've yet to visit that are on my list though, including NYC (which will be happening this year! I have actually been before, but I was too young to remember), Thailand, Vietnam, San Francisco (and lots of other places in the US)... it's never-ending!

What would you say your favourite thing is about blogging/the blogging community?
I have met some absolutely lovely people through blogging - it just amazes me that I would never have crossed paths with them, had it not been for this community. I love that I'm surrounded by likeminded, creative people who support each other and are passionate about what they do. 

List 5 things you do every day
Aside from the mundane, like the brushing of teeth etc... 
1. Eat breakfast. I absolutely cannot function without breakfast! 
2. Check Instagram. I love Instagram and post frequently on my own account :)
3. Hang out with my husband. We are both self-employed and work some hours from home every day, so we spend more time with each other than the average couple, probably. I don't mind it!
4. Listen to a podcast, music, or put Netflix/Youtube in the background while I do other things. I'm a compulsive multi-tasker.
5. Drink coffee. Every single day.

List 5 things you couldn't live without 
1. Family and friends, but that's a given!
2. My phone. I wonder if I could survive a week without it?
3. Books. I love to read and always have.
4. Music. Could anybody?
5. Being excited about the future.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years, will you still be blogging and living in London? 
In 5 years... I'm not entirely sure where I will be living (I would love to still be in London, but family/career changes will determine that), but I hope to still be blogging! By then, I'll hopefully have had my first child (as scary as that thought is...) and be excited and fulfilled by my work and personal life. That's really all I could ever ask for!

... And that's all she wrote!
Thank you so much to Miho for participating in my little blogger interview series! & I hope you have all found a new read to add to your bloglovin feed ;)

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