I'm a bit of a tech geek, it's true (and, even worse, I'm a loyal apple nerd.) I thought I would do a little run-down of my general blogging setup and show you what I use to make this internet space happen.

MacBook Pro - I've had my trusty metal brick (seriously, it's so heavy) for 3 years now and finally have only 1 or 2 months left to pay it off. Rejoice! I would be nothing without this glorious machine. I started my blog before I got it, but everything just got a whole lot better with its arrival. It got me through uni and finally forced me to quit playing MapleStory and The Sims. It has never once broken down on me though it is slowing down in its old age. I am a mac girl for life.

Photoshop CS5 - I use this for all of my photo editing needs on my computer. I've been using photoshop for about 8+ years now so I consider myself a self-taught pro. I use the same base .psd file to edit most of my images these days so that they all have the same look. I've been thinking about making a tutorial for photoshop editing with some of my tips and tricks, would that be something you're interested in?

Camera - My camera is the Nikon D3200, I use a 50mm lens constantly now as I much prefer it over the kit lens. I would like to purchase a 35mm lens at some point in the future, especially as my 50mm lens is manual focus only and I would kill for an autofocus lens! 
I didn't purchase my camera for blogging and you certainly don't need an SLR to take good pictures, especially with compact cameras and even phones advancing so much these days! If a DSLR is something you want though I would highly recommend shopping around and reading ALL the reviews. The one thing missing from my camera is a flip-out screen and if I ever upgrade that will be a must-have. 

Notebook central - I keep a few notebooks on hand to stay organised. I have my black moleskine for all Fragmented Splendour post ideas and notes. I have a weekly desk planner to write my daily to-do lists and post schedules. I then have a notebook for keeping track of my tiny finances, and then my blue notebook is for Nouvelle notes and ideas! easy. 

iPad - Since getting my iPad mini over a year ago I have been addicted to this little thing. My phone is nearing 4 years old now and it's just so small and so so so slow that I can barely stand it for anything other than actual phone calls. I use my iPad for instagram, tweeting, reading blog posts and emails, getting way too addicted to games and everything in between. My most used apps are the ones in the image above - afterlight is a definite favourite for image editing, I like it much more than the constantly raved about VSCO cam! It's also baffling that instagram haven't created an app for the iPad yet & we have to just use an enlarged phone version, madness I tell you.