Meow! Meet a brand after my own crazy cat lady heart, Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions! I'm truly in love. How could I not be? For when one crazy cat lady meets another crazy cat lady (or, in this case: brand) we instantly become friends, bonding over our love for those sassy fur babies. (I am always immediately suspicious and untrusting of someone who declares they don't like cat's, what?! Do you not like sunshine, too? or fun? or LOVE? You monster). 

CCLC (because I can't be typing that out 20 times) is a US based natural beauty brand with so many incredible feline-puns packed into their product names that I don't know where to begin. They're just purrrfect. The team behind the brand is an eclectic bunch of felines - but I hear they answer only to one, Sher, an aromatherapist and holistic aesthetician who is the real brains of the bunch. CCLC is vegan-friendly, environmentally friendly, with all natural and organic ingredients. 

There's quite the wide variety of products available, from facial mists and face masks to candles and  even loose leaf tea. I am particularly loving the sound of Eye Of The Tiger Feliner (that's eyeliner for non-cat-speakers) Chamomeow Face & Body Mist, a beautiful chamomile and aloe mist and, of course a candle or two

Have you heard of Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions before? What products do you fancy getting your paws on?