I refuse to have a bath unless there is some kind of salty/essential oil medley going on these days, it's just better that way. I genuinely do feel calmer, refreshed and relaxed after a salty bath, not to mention it's great for old creaky bones over here & any aches and pains I'm suffering with are banished, OR perhaps I just have high standards, because a salt bath is pretty luxe, am I right? 

I have tried a few different options now for getting my salt bath fix, from budget bags of Epsom or dead sea salts in bulk to a luxurious £20+ for a little pot of salt and blended essential oils. I'm all for the budget pick most days, I don't have to be shy and can throw cups and cups of the stuff into the water - but sometimes a little luxury is nice too. And sometimes you want the best of both... Enter Baldwins Revitalising Bath Salts*. I would class these as firmly in between, an excellent price of £7.49 but with the feel and results of something truly more expensive.

Without a doubt these are the most potent bath salts I've ever encountered, opening the jar is like sticking your nose into a bottle of essential oil, neat. The scent is a favourite of mine lavender and peppermint, the peppermint comes through more clearly but it blends nicely with lavender to create quite a unique and uplifting, (and rather nose-awakening) scent.
The 310g jar is enough for 3-5 baths I would say, I've used it once and was pretty generous using about a third when that much may not have been necessary. I also love the addition of the cornflower petals, very pretty and they make any bath seem more luxurious in seconds.

I would most definintely purchase these salts again for a little bathtime treat, and perhaps next time I will switch it up and try the Citrus Bath Salts, with grapefruit, lemongrass, bergamot and lime, talk about zesty!

Are you a bath salt fan?