The weather has been beautifully sunny here for the past few days, and myself [and penny] are loving it. The flat is warm!! I'm actually dreading summer a little because our huge window makes me feel like an ant under a magnifying glass, fun.

I gave my makeup bag a little spring clean the other day and it was awesome. I got rid of my last remaining un-natural makeup bits that I never used and gave everything a little dust and polish because we all know makeup bags can be pretty grubby places. I then took the opportunity to have a little switch around and bring some unloved pieces to the top of the pile (it literally is just a pile of makeup in a very unhappy and far too full bag) to see the light of day and actually grace my face.  I also have a few new releases in my grasp that are almost too beautiful to touch... almost.

I nearly always tend to forget about my cheeks when it comes to doing my makeup and have to really make an effort to use some of my beautiful products, the first being the Jing Ai Sierra Glow Duo. This creates such a pretty flush to the cheeks but I always worry colour on my cheeks will draw attention to my acne scars which are conveniently placed just below. I am partial to a little highlight though and love my ILIA Polkadots and Moonbeams as it's a nice and subtle pale gold without a tonne of shimmer.

For lips I have two similar colours that seem very appropriate for any hint of sun and I feel are pretty different from my go-to pink & berry shades. The first being Kjaer Weis Sweetness, the prettiest coral shade you're likely to find. I find these lip tints to be really lovely and moisturising and can be built up to have some serious pigment. I just wish I didn't have to dip my fingers in the pan, but it still won't stop my purchasing the two new shades rapture and beloved, hello beautiful berry shades! and I'm SO excited to hear that KW are bringing some lipsticks to the table soon (and a whole host of other sweet things - a beauty oil, a powder, bronzer and makeup remover!!).
My other lip-love is the new Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever Peach*. Everyone knows I'm a smitten kitten for Jane Iredale, I adore her base products, they're the best I've tried and this new shade of lip tint is a beauty. It adjusts to the PH of your skin and on my lips looks incredibly similar to the KW Sweetness, with a little less gloss and vibrancy. They make the perfect pairing for a long lasting coral lip.

Lastly.. it's eyes! I simply can't stop staring at this beautiful palette, the Getaway Eye Shadow Kit* from Jane Iredale is a thing of beauty, with a perfect selection of neutral shades to create a range of looks. The larger shade is actually a powder primer too, so it's really all you need. I really need to up my eyeshadow game and this is the sort of palette that's great for even a beginner like me.

Do you switch up your makeup for a new season?

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